A Brief Synopsis Of The L Squad

The L Squad has always been the bottom rung of the North American Division of the Refugee Alien Defenders (N.A.D.R.A.D.). Their blunders have become legendary fodder for the rest of the Refugee Alien Defenders (R.A.D.). While all skilled and competent in their own right, they’ve been unable to form a cohesive unit. Hitch, the captain of the L Squad, is too cavalier and jumps into action without forethought. Abby is a genius, but her anti-social behavior makes it hard for her to work with others. George is a brilliant pilot but is also a thrill-seeker, which habitually endangers the squad. Kip was just given a poor reputation due to the slander of the other Yortians in the R.A.D. for having the wrong eye color. Charlie is also cavalier. She is literally a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Abby adopted and anthropomorphized via a device she invented. Charlie has all the skills necessary to be a member of the R.A.D., but she is still susceptible to her canine instincts, which cause chaos.

They hit an all-time low when they are sent on a mission, which is basically a shopping trip, and end up destroying a hotel and getting arrested. Captain Grek, the head of the N.A.D.R.A.D., demotes the L Squad to the janitorial staff just before the oppressive dictator they fled to Earth to escape arrives and starts bombing San Francisco with F-Bombs, which are, of course, flatulent bombs.

While the rest of the N.A.D.R.A.D. is dispatched to face The Tyrannical Tyrannosaurus Gregory LambaDambaBottom (3T.G.L.D.B.), Captain Grek deems the L Squad underqualified and unprepared to go into battle. He, instead, sends them to clean the showers. Unsatisfied with this role, the L Squad defies Captain Grek’s orders and joins the fight. The L Squad subsequently handicaps N.A.D.R.A.D.’s last chance of defeating 3T.G.L.D.B. resulting in the capture of the few remaining Refugee Alien Defenders left on the battlefield. The L Squad is forced to retreat to headquarters where they are immediately locked in a holding cell.

Undeterred, Hitch leads a failed escape attempt, which nearly turns his squad against him. Fueled by the desire to fix all the chaos they caused, Abby convinces the rest of the L Squad to regroup and work together. Using teamwork and Abby’s plan, Hitch leads a successful escape. Along the way, they inadvertently release other prisoners and have a run-in with security and Captain Grek. When they finally do escape, they get to work on putting right everything they messed up.

Can the L Squad overcome all the obstacles in their way? Can they continue to put to use the teamwork they recently learned? Will they save the rest of the N.A.D.R.A.D. from the mess they got them into? Will they save Earth from the oppressive, destructive, tyrannical rule of The Tyrannical Tyrannosaurus Gregory LambaDambaBottom? There are only nine ways to find out. First, and my preferred method, read the book. Second, wait for the movie to come out. There’s no guarantee on that one, but I have written the script, and it has received positive feedback from two professional sources. Third, look for spoilers online. Fourth, find the book somewhere and skip to the end. Fifth, ask someone who has read the book. Sixth, just assume everything works out all right. It is a kids’ book. Seventh, wait for the actual events to unfold in real time in the real world. It should only be a hundred years or so. Eighth, write your own version. That way it will come out however you want and assure you won’t be disappointed. Ninth… Eight. There are only eight ways to find out. First…


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