L Squad Vignettes: Episode 0: Introduction

I’ve been slacking on my blogging. I ran out of completed bios and pre-prepared material. Instead of writing new material I’ve been writing and rewriting and rewriting and rewriting The L Squad: Phase 2. Yes, I’ve rewritten it thrice. It’s at least three times better than the first draft, mathematically speaking.

I recently pulled the random idea out of my beard to write vignettes. The R.A.D. did a lot between landing on Earth and the events described in The L Squad. I’ve decided to share some of those early disastrous missions with you. Don’t tell them. They wouldn’t want these stories out there. We all have growing pains and embarrassing moments any time we try something new. Check back often, or just follow the blog, for new installments of L Squad Vignettes. I’m going to try to share a new one every week. I will fail.


I think I’ll extend vignettes to the world of Norman Normalson & The Normals and perhaps beyond. I’ve already been working on a Christmas special for Norman Normalson.


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