The War On Hanukkah

It’s the seventh day of Hanukkah. As I’m rewriting and preparing Norman Normalson’s Christmas special, I’ve been posting some Christmassy videos. Often, the two month Christmas celebration overshadows Chanukah. Christmas is more nationally recognized and celebrated. People get offended when they learn other people don’t celebrate Christmas. These people seem to believe that anyone who does not celebrate Christmas has declared war on Christmas. Yes, that is absurd and bizarre and a huge overreaction.

“You don’t celebrate Christmas. Don’t you know that Christmas tree died for your sins and is a sacrifice to Santa so he’ll bring us presents?”

“Eight nights? We only have one night.”

“Let’s make it 12 days.”

“Yeah, 12 days.”

Somehow those 12 days extended themselves to two months.

I, for one, find the bizarre and beautiful in all traditions. Christmas has a lot of weirdness that come from its pagan origins, to its usurpation and attempted conversion, to its continuing traditions, to its ever-expanding celebration, and so on. There’s a lot of that in A Nearly Norman Christmas. Christmas viewed from an alien perspective is strange.

I enjoy learning about other cultures and other traditions. Hanukkah’s a celebration. I think celebrating is a beautiful thing. Everyone should join in. Let’s all join in everyone’s celebrations. Let’s all celebrate each other.

Not always. I don’t think anyone should celebrate death, sickness, wars, genocides, and so on. That would be sick and disturbing.

So, light your menorahs, spin your dreidels, eat your chocolate gelt, and join in the celebration. Here’s a little help from Adam Sandler. (Are there any other Hanukkah songs other than “I Have a Little Dreidel?”)

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