The Most Offensive Song Ever

In continuing with my ridiculous build up in preparation for Norman Normalson in A Nearly Norman Christmas, I’m posting another Christmas song. This one is apparently offensive, possibly the most offensive song ever. No, not the one from South Park. This blog is supposed to be family-friendly.

While, completely innocuous when compared to everything else on the radio, this song, which has been around since the 1940s, is now offensive.

Seriously, it’s a silly song from a musical from the 40s. Back then, Hollywood had rules, known as The Code, prohibiting language someone decided was obscene, sex, nudity, and so on. The Code dictated that the bad guy always had to be punished for his crimes. There were no ratings. Things simply weren’t allowed. Now, in a time of sex and violence in every aspect of life, music, movies, TV, video games… a playful song made during The Code era is offensive. You know what? It is cold outside. I can see the snow in the yard, in the neighbors’ yards, on the rooftops…

The only offensive thing about this song is that it’s from a musical. I hate musicals. Why are you singing? Stop. It makes no sense. How does everybody else know the words to this song you are making up that is oddly specific to your current situation? You’re in a gang that fights with other gangs by singing and dancing? What?

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