A Nearly Ready Christmas

So, I said A Nearly Norman Christmas would be posted today. It won’t. I’m a hopeless constant tinkerer, and I’m never satisfied. I’ve been working on it today. The more I read through it the more it changes, which tells me it’s not ready. I’m hoping tomorrow. The wait will be worth it. I hope. Until then read up on Norman. The Christmas special will make more sense with that background information.

Here’s a snippet of A Nearly Norman Christmas:

It was Norman Normalson’s first year on Epatrus. It was rapidly approaching the Earth month of Odysseus, which used to be the second half of December. Norman was homesick and missed his friends. To make things worse, he was about to miss Christmas. All Norman wanted for Christmas was to go back home, to Earth.

Oh my goodness. You want so much to read more. You can’t wait. Are you feeling sleepy?

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