Poetry Prompt: Dreams

This is a departure for this blog. I’ve written poetry before but haven’t posted it. There are no aliens or science or science fiction. It was inspired by a prompt by Cubby, which is scary because she’s actually good at poetry, and someone I only get to see in my dreams.

Dreams like water-colored paintings
Wash away when days are raining

I try to cling to fragments that linger
As they stream through my fingers

Your smile slowly fades away
As I desperately fight the day

Here’s the only place it’s like it was then
And I can’t stand to lose you again

If you don’t like that you can read about aliens in The L Squad or Norman Normalson & The Normals. I finally posted A Nearly Norman Christmas.


11 thoughts on “Poetry Prompt: Dreams

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    1. Thank you. Why don’t you like rhyming poems? For me, that’s half the challenge. It’s creatively expressing a thought. It’s not just finding the words to express a thought or feeling but specific words. I like the challenge. I wouldn’t write poetry that didn’t rhyme. I also just like to rhyme.

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      1. It’s funny because I’m not a big one for rules, especially in art. I’m a big believer in self-expression, and I’m against restricting that. I think the challenge elevates my creativity. It makes me think, which forces me to be more creative.

        I obviously think you do an excellent job with poetry. I’ve complimented you multiple times.

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      2. I know, haha, it means a lot to me that somebody likes my work. And that makes sense, I saw it as a great starting point, I just couldn’t foresee myself continuing it. Some people do amazing with it, like you, you do a great job, it’s just no longer for me.

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      3. Me too. I’m always grateful when people post positive comments on something I’ve written. Thank you for taking some time to read through my poems, by the way. I hope you liked what you read and didn’t just “like” what you read.

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