Poetry RePrompt: Murmurs

Here’s my fun and whimsical reply to Cubby’s most recent poetry prompt. The original depressing one is here.

I’m probably not supposed to do two for each prompt or challenge, but I enjoy the challenge, and I like to look at things from different sides.


The ocean murmurs to the beach
And all the grains of sand

The sea issued a brief speech
“King Octopus has sent the command

I’m spreading as far as I can reach
Creatures of the sea are taking the land

Sea lions have done reconnaissance
Crabs have done a thorough canvas

We have complete reports from dolphins
I’m spreading wherever land is

It was all water once, that’s all we’ve wanted since
The whole world’s about to be Atlantis”


“Are you threatening me?”

“Yes, quite.”

“Just give me my regular bath and be done with you.”

“One day. One day you will be mine,” murmurs the ocean, as it ebbs.


Yes, the octopus is king of the sea. In a land of no hands, he with eight shall be king. She with eight shall be queen. I’m not sexist.


Alternate Titles:
Can You Sea Me Now? (Cut for the bad pun.)

Land Ho! (It’s the ocean, not a pirate.)

A Tsunami Of Murmurs (Too dramatic.)

Something’s Fishy (That one’s just bad.)

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