R.A.D. Profile: Chuckinstuf

This is more of a description than a biography. Chuckinstuf isn’t introduced until The L Squad: Phase Two where he plays an important role. It may be necessary, in the near to distant future, to have some background on him.

Chuckinstuf is a Xellwamian from the planet Xellwam. Xellwam is a planet of fur. All Xellwamians are ridiculously hairy. Even the plant life on Xellwam is hairy instead of leafy. The Xellwamian who invented the Xellwamian vacuum is the richest and most famous Xellwamian in Xellwamian history. His name is Largsnof Suckitup.

Chuckinstuf is slightly larger than the average Refugee Alien Defender. Under his thick coat of redish brown fur, he has eight tentacles that extend from and retract into his belly area. They are excellent for hand-to-tentacle combat or hugging Dave, the insurance salesman. Also hiding under that plethora of fur is a pair of wings. Chuckinstuf can soar like an ostrich or a chicken. What? They don’t fly? How about a penguin? No. What kind of bizarre birds do you have on Earth? He flies like the Guianan cock-of-the-rock or the critically endangered California condor. If you think bird poop is bad, you don’t want to be under Chuckinstuf when he’s flying.

As a member of the R.A.D., Captain Grek assigned Chuckinstuf to the J Squad as its captain. He has an aversion to blasters and prefers throwing things. His weapons of choice include flash grenades, stun grenades, or dropping monster doodies as he’s flying.

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    1. I would love to see my stories illustrated. You’re not the first person to tell me that. Unfortunately, other than arranging words, I have zero artistic talent.

      Thank you for all your kind words, comments. They encourage me and inspire me to write and post more.

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      1. I also have zero artistic talent outside of wobbly stick figures, which is why I have hired illustrators for my children’s picture books. Definitely not cheap though. Sigh.

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      2. Yeah, I can’t draw stick figures. I draw stick disfigures. Other stick figures look at my stick figures like, “What’s wrong with you?” Stick parents tell their stick children not to stare at my stick figures.

        Where can I see your children’s books? What are the ages? My friend has a niece who’s 5, I think.

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      3. I still think my stick figures could out-disfigure your stick figures. You should turn that into a children’s book, and then you could even illustrate it! How awesome would that be. A ruler may help with the straightening.

        As for my children’s books, I only have one book out so far at https://sonyaannitasong.com/books/. Please don’t feel obliged to buy though, especially if you take a look at the preview and think, “what in the world was she thinking?” 🙂


      4. That’s an interesting idea. How would you feel about a collaboration? It is your idea based on my joke, and I probably won’t follow through with it on my own.

        Your book is cute. I’m not going to buy it for myself, but I’ll pass it on to my friend. She may buy it for her niece. She visited recently, and I read my old Dr. Seuss books to her. She loved them. Your book has that fun, whimsical feel. Is there any specific reason it’s an ostrich and not wallaby or a meerkat?

        I wrote a children’s book. More childish than the m.g., sci-fi adventures I talk about on here. The people who read it liked it, but it didn’t go anywhere because I have no illustrations. It’s about a kid who won’t eat his vegetables. He learns the hard way why he should eat his veggies. No, dad’s belt does not come into play. He goes on a magical, whimsical adventure.

        Can you tell I like the word ‘whimsical?’ It’s fun and whimsical. If any word fits its definition it’s ‘whimsical.’


      5. Whoever does the work gets the credit; the idea to do the work really doesn’t count. But I do think a stick figure picture book could do surprisingly well. I really think you could do it if you tried.

        My first book is really simple compared to my other books, and the reason I chose an ostrich is because it was the first animal that popped into my head. I also have one about a wombat and a penguin that may or may not see the light of day depending on how the ostrich does.

        The children’s book you wrote sounds really fun. If people liked it without illustrations, they would love it after. You should consider the option if you are looking for a wider audience.

        And whimsical is a great word. One of my favorites, in fact. 🙂

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      6. I don’t know. I’ll see if it sticks in my head. Hahahahaha! Pun! I have so many ideas and starts that never go anywhere.

        I hope your book does well. It looks fun. Who decides if your other books come out? Is that up to you? Publisher?

        I’ve tried to get ot illustrated. I know artistic people. It’s just never worked out. I should hire a professional, but money’s always an issue. I did an audio version. That was fun. I like to do voices.

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      7. That’s a great pun. Puns are fun. 🙂

        Ideas and starts that never go anywhere could mean they are just not ready to be tackled yet. There will be a time when you are ready, when everything falls more naturally into place.

        I created my own publishing company called Chinchilla Books, so I decide if my other books come out…well, more accurately, my bank account decides whether my other books come out. I have pretty big and rather unrealistic dreams of growing it into an actual reputable publishing company, albeit small, based on fun and whimsical rhyming books for children. I figure, if I don’t try, how will I ever know?

        Money is definitely an issue when trying to find illustrators. With the margins, I need to sell over 1000 copies to break even on my first book. I don’t expect my first book to do very well, but my fourth book has pretty good potential in my opinion, and I am hoping for back sales from it.

        Who knows, maybe one day you can be published under my company… that is, if you would be interested. 🙂

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      8. I have a lot of puns in The L Squad. Charlie is my pun outlet. Do you follow Little Fears? I don’t even like puns, but dude nails it every time. I don’t use the word “dude” either.

        I think I am more at fault for abandoned ideas than the ideas. I get distracted. Ooh, a piece of candy. I wrote The L Squad and Norman Normalson & The Normals in a month each. Focus. Maybe it is the more appealing idea.

        That is awesome. I applaud your bravery and tenacity. Dreams are supposed to be big and unrealistic. If they weren’t, they would be reality. I have dreams of an L Squad empire, complete with action figures, video games, a tv series, and a mobile find The L Squad game that gets people killed when they wonder into the street to capture an alien… Maybe not that last one. I’ve already written the screenplay. It’s not even published yet, and I’ve written the sequel with plans for another and a prequel. Every success story started with a dream followed, pursued, chased, hunted to the point of exhaustion.

        Tangent: My brother used to have two chinchillas. Their cage was on the opposite side of the wall from my bed. They would run around their cage all night. Other than that, they were really cool little creatures.

        I hate money. Life would be so much better, less stressful without money. Instead, life is so much harder and more stressful without money. Why the fourth book? Is that a mathematical deduction? Or is there something special about the fourth book you’ve written?

        That is interesting. I have this idea for a children’s book about stick figures. Dang it! Now, I have to do it. You want it to rhyme? Seriously, I appreciate that you would consider that a possibility. Of course, I would be interested. Getting published is the goal. That’s why I keep sending emails to agents. That’s why I keep rewriting my books instead of working on new material. That’s why I started a blog. Someone told me I need an “online presence.”

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      9. No, I don’t follow Little Fears. I take it he’s very punny.

        Being easily distracted does make it much more difficult to finish complicated projects. However, as long as you are not pressed for time, you don’t need to crank out pieces left and right.

        An L Squad Empire sounds really cool. I think it would be incredible to see all that come to life.

        “Every success story started with a dream followed, pursued, chased, hunted to the point of exhaustion.”

        How true, how true. Really well said.

        Money is a necessary evil in today’s world. The barter system would be incredibly inefficient and difficult to sustain without losing all that we hold dear about modern society. Ideal for island living though.

        The fourth book because it will help drive sales of the first, second, and third books. The second and third books have potential as well, but the fourth one has the best market potential due to relatability.

        I would like the books under the Chinchilla Books banner to rhyme. It would only be worthwhile to be published under Chinchilla Books if the name becomes a recognized and trusted brand. Otherwise, it would be no different from creating your own publishing company and publishing yourself.

        Having an online presence will definitely be advantageous in the marketing game. I actually don’t have any other form of social media other than my blog. Keep working at it and slowly build your audience. 🙂

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      10. Yes, he writes these really short stories that always end in a pun joke. They’re accompanied by short videos. He sells prints of his art. It’s a cool package blog.

        I didn’t say I’m easily distracted. Sometimes. It depends. I was in the zone when I wrote Norman. I was writing that and an adult novel. I was getting 2,000+ every day. I got over 5,000 once. Maybe you’re right. It’s just that one project, that one idea that pulls me into the zone. Sometimes life gets in the way. Sometimes I need that distraction from life. Sometimes Charlie barks for no reason, and I have to go see what she’s doing. Then she want in. Then she wants out. Then she barks, and I have to go get her again. Yes, I’ve gotten up multiple times trying to type this.

        I’m kind of interested in seeing an L Squad Empire, too. I think that would change my opinion of money. I know no system is perfect.

        I love your plan and focus. You know exactly what you want to do, and you’re doing it. That’s awesome!

        I’m working on my online presence. I just got a new follower and two new likes while typing this. You’ve actually helped me a lot in that department. Doing your prompts and challenges, and writing poetry has gotten me a lot more views, likes, and followers. Poetry is a magnet for bloggers. I did not know that. This is also a distraction. Reading people’s blogs, commenting, writing blog posts… Please, don’t take that the wrong way. I enjoy talking to you. I look forward to your comments. I love talking about writing. Our conversations inspire me to write more. Speaking of distractions, here’s Charlie again.

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      11. Sorry, the “piece of candy” remark reminded me of a Family Guy episode. Having a dog seems much more distracting than having a cat.

        It seems like you need to have more distraction-free time. Reading, writing, and commenting definitely take up a lot of time.

        Maybe setting up a specific time for doing things would help… although I personally wouldn’t be able to stick to a writing schedule.

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      12. Busted. That’s where I got it. One of my favorite distractions. I love adult cartoons. It satisfies both the kid in me and the adult in me. I created one that when nowhere. I sunk a lot of time into writing 15 episodes.

        This is actually the longest I’ve gone without a cat. I can tell you from experience, dogs are far more of a distraction. My roommate has three. I assume your avatar is your cat. She’s beautiful.

        I try to compartmentalize my time. I’ve found that time will not be contained. I think I work better with goals. I did the 2,000 words per day thing. That works well for me. I just don’t have a project that works with that other than my school shooting story, but I’m having a hard time getting into that one.

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      13. It’s impressive that you got to 15 episodes! My avatar is the first cat I knew and loved. She died of cancer some years ago, but her spirit is still with me. And time can be contained if you get yourself an hourglass. 🙂


      14. It would be impressive if I could find someone who wanted to produce them. Come on, Netflix. They’ll make anything.

        I know all about special animals. Mine was a cat named George, George Herman Thomas Green Rosendauer III. He was the first of his name. I used to walk around with him on my shoulder. He liked to hang out on the roof. I would put my hand on the overhang of the front porch at my parents’ house, call him, and he would run over and walk down my arm and climb to the ground. He’s one of the stars of an early children’s story I wrote called Kitten & The Pup. They fought crimes in the animal community. Their nemesis was a skunk named Dr. Von Stinklestein.

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      15. Netflix will make anything if you throw enough money at them. I think that’s how it works. Your book “Kitten & the Pup” sounds like a really fun book. Do you have any snippets of it available on your blog?

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      16. Ooh… back to money. See? There’s nothing “Kitten & The Pup” related on my blog. I’m not sure I even finished it. I probably got distracted. I’ll have to look when I get on my computer later.

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      17. I found it. I even made some editing changes. It’s old. It’s from before I was serious about writing. It’s far different than I remember. It reads younger than I remember. Apparently, I planned on making a series out of it. Dr. Von Stinklestein doesn’t even appear. I’ll email it to you if you want to read it. It is adorable.


      18. I just woke up from a long nap (can I call it a nap if it’s 8 hours?) and had the chance to read your story. It is really cute! It even has a lesson for kids to learn. I enjoyed reading it. 🙂

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      19. What a coincidence! I just woke up from an 8-hour nap. (It’s called sleeping.) I’m glad you enjoyed it. Would you like to read the one about the kid who won’t eat his vegetables?

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