Poetry Prompt: Broken Wings (L Squad Style)

The first thing that comes to my mind when I read these poetry prompts is not in any way related to The L Squad or Norman Normalson & The Normals or farts or cheese or robots or aliens. I like to try to redo them so they fit in with that style. The promotion of The L Squad, Norman Normalson & The Normals and whatever else comes up in that vein is the purpose of this blog.

This is from the point of view of Chuckinstuf, which seems natural since he has wings. It also seems unnatural since he’s not introduced until The L Squad: Phase Two. I haven’t been able to get The L Squad published, yet. This would take place around the middle of The L Squad. It’s a point of view not explored in the book, which makes it interesting. Of course, it’s not a point of view explored in the book since Chuckinstuf isn’t introduced until the second book. I mean in general. It’s also somewhat of a teaser.

The prompt is, again, courtesy of Cubby. She’s the only person I follow who does prompts and challenges. Though, I have been informed her cat could actually be the one in charge.


Tread lightly on my broken wings,
Now pitiful but once were proud

These once powerful things
Are now withered and cowed

I must find the strength to fly again
Stretch my wings, ignore the pain

Then emancipate my friends
Free us all from our chains

I need to fly. I need to soar.
We have to break through that door

We need to fight, even the score
Defeat the tyrant we all abhor

The planet we’re sworn to protect
Is now the planet we have to save

Our escape he couldn’t neglect
With us, he found a new world to enslave


Apparently, I can’t find anything better to rhyme with “wings” than “things” that fits into the context.


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