Zanze II: Debra

So, the second Zanze was far easier to write than the first. The first one took me two days. The second took me five minutes. It literally did not take more than ten minutes. What in the world, man? The worst part is the second one is way better than the first. I guess it’s just easier when it doesn’t make any sense.


I’m looking for my friend Debra
I cannot find her anywhere
I last saw her on my zebra*
She has taken my teddy bear

I’m looking for my friend
I fear she’s in distress
She is dressed as a hen
She has made quite a mess

I’m looking for
My friend Debra
Please, don’t ignore
The red zebra

I’m… Look,
Purple zebra*
She has stolen my book
I’m looking for my friend Debra

*Trevor Noah told me zebra should be pronounced so it rhymes with Debra. After careful consideration, I agree wholeheartedly… at least for the duration of this ridiculous poem.

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  1. Lol yes, when you don’t have to worry about making sense, writing is much easier. But this poem did make sense… in a nonsensical way. Regardless, it was really fun! I very much enjoyed reading it. 🙂

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