Poetry Prompt: Rebirth

I am very late on this. My mom has always teased me about being “fashionably late.” There’s a difference between showing up fashionably late and being too late to even help clean up. This would be that latter. I’m posting it anyway.

This is oddly optimistic for me. I’m much more optimistic than my writing. The prompt is assuming I have the power. My pessimism comes from my lack of power and faith in people to do the right thing. I’m also an over-explainer, which I can’t explain.

Thanks to Cubby for the prompt. Hers, Perfecting Creation, is way better than mine, by the way. She may argue, but she will be wrong. That is a little preemptive arguing.


If I had the power of creation,
Strength borrowed from a mother
I’d see the rebirth of a nation
One where we cared for one another

No murder. No retaliation.
School kids wouldn’t shoot each other
Substance over sensation
We wouldn’t trample on our brother

We’d unify without complication
There’d be no grouping based on color
No gender discrimination
We’d uplift instead of smother

With peace and love as inspiration
We can grow under their cover
As we reach for global unification
If each eschews hatred to be a lover


4 thoughts on “Poetry Prompt: Rebirth

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  1. I’m not liking this entire “preemptive arguing” thing. You are getting to know me a little too well…

    As for your challenge response, I love that you chose a mother to borrow the strength from… something so natural and yet no one else thought of it. You incorporate the ABAB rhyme scheme beautifully as well. All in all, this is a very impressive write. 🙂

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    1. Well, we could chat less, but I wouldn’t like that at all, so sorry.

      Thank you. With the creation prompt, “mother” was the first thing that came to my mind. I told you, I have an extreme reverence for women.

      It occurred to me, just after I posted this, that I may be titling these wrong. When I title it “Poetry Prompt,” it looks like I’m offering a prompt, doesn’t it? It’s misleading. I should use “Poetry Prompted” or “Re:Poetry Prompt” or something.

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