Friday Fictioneers: Pow Wow

Pow wow wow yippie yo yippie yay! I couldn’t resist.

This was written for Friday Fictioneers. I don’t really want to get political on this blog. It’s supposed to be a showcase for my writing for children, like The L Squad & Norman Normalson & The Normals. (Hint! Hint!) I’m not one dimensional. I’m also not going to pretend like kids actually read this blog or have any say in whether or not I get published. This isn’t even a political post. It’s a work of fiction based on a frequently forgotten fact. It just blows my mind that people get so worked up about illegal immigrants while living in a land that was forcefully taken from others. I guess that’s like a cheater in a relationship who suspects and/or accuses their partner of infidelity.


TO PROMPT © Renee Heath

Pow Wow

My tribe prefers the old-fashioned Pow Wow to the rodeo-style of event it has become. We keep it simple with singing and dancing around a fire. It’s a celebration of our history and traditions instead of a competition.

I’ve heard of a time before Pow Wows were populated by Daves and Diannes. I’ve heard of a time when this was all our land. There weren’t just small chunks reserved for us. We weren’t segregated into tiny clusters.

We sing, dance, and enjoy our heritage while others plot to build walls to keep people out of land stolen from my ancestors.

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