Flash Fiction: Sunset By The Bay

This was written for Carrot Ranch’s Flash Fiction Challenge. Each week’s challenge is to write to a prompt, this week’s is sea mist, in exactly 99 words.

I don’t have a silly preamble for this one. It takes me back to growing up and living on the coast.

Sunset By The Bay

The sea mist dances through the sun’s waning glow. Each droplet catches the light creating a rainbow shower. The distant clouds take on a hue of orange, pink, and a faint purple, as the fading disc melts into the horizon. Somehow, the roar of the waves and their crash on the rocks only adds to the tranquility.

The breeze catches the ocean, and it sprays my face. Though salt is all I taste, it’s refreshing on this summer evening.

There’s only one thing keeping this from being a perfect evening.

I reach for your hand, but you’re not there.


21 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Sunset By The Bay

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      1. The town where I grew up is a small town, but it’s still semi-civilization. It has a Starbucks and a collection of independent coffee shops. There are cars and houses. Some of the roads are even paved.

        I was born in the Bay Area and spent a lot of summers there. I’ve always considered myself more of a city person. I live in Reno now. It’s a small city, but it’s still a city. Starbucks are everywhere, but I make a point to go to the independent places most of the time.

        In which city do you live?

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      2. A small town/city sounds like it would be nice once in awhile, but I couldn’t do it all the time. I think it’s great to support the independent places, but they are usually in the most inconvenient locations.

        I live in Edmonton. It’s not the prettiest city, but I call it home.


      3. I like small towns, but I don’t like living in them. Reno is still pretty small.

        Yeah, the independent shops can’t afford to buy up every street corner in the world.

        I had to look up Edmonton. I am geographically challenged. My friend and I have a joke that I’m a geographical genius because I am so not. It looks like a nice city. It’s way nicer than Reno. I see a lot of trees. You have that wrap-around river. Your mall has a river in it. I bet it’s gorgeous in the fall. The city, not the mall. My roommate would die in the winter. We get snow, but it’s not nearly as cold here. I might have to come to town for that Snoop Dogg concert in a couple weeks. I don’t imagine you’ll go given the whole cats and dogs thing.

        Canada’s a beautiful place, isn’t it? I’ve only been there once. I went to Niagara Falls with my friend. We went across the border just to cross the border. We didn’t even get passed the border “carnival.” I know that’s nowhere near where you are. (Geographical genius!) My grandfather grew up around there. I’m actually partially French Canadian if that’s an ethnicity. The L Squad crash-landed and made their base in Canada.

        The only nice thing about Reno is the out of Reno. I like hiking in the mountains. We have lakes. Lake Tahoe is only an hour away. It’s a collection of small towns around a beautiful lake. We do have one nice river and some parks in town.

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      4. I suck at geography too. I actually suck at most trivia. Anytime I’m forced to play a trivia game in which there are teams, I apologize to my teammates before we start. I do, however, remember if someone said they like something for potential birthday and Christmas gifts.

        I’m not going to the Snoop Dogg concert. I didn’t even know he was coming to town. That’s bad when someone else has to tell you who is playing in your own city. It’s really cool that you are partially French Canadian. That’s more Canadian than a lot of Canadians are.

        It must be nice to travel such a short distance to be immersed in nature.

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      5. You can’t suck at trivia. It’s not possible. Everybody knows something. It all depends on the category.

        How far are you from all those trees and the river I saw in every picture of Edmonton? Your natural surroundings look better than mine.

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