Chivalry Resurrected: Homophone Inaction

Here’s my attempt at immersing myself in the true spirit of Cubby’s Homophone challenge/prompt. I didn’t get nearly as whimsical as I hoped. I had the title first, in reference to Chivalry Is Dead: A Homophonous Adventure. I got pulled into the theme and shirked the whimsy. I squeezed in a couple jokes. I did manage a lot more homophones this thyme. I used some names. I’m not sure if that’s allowed, but if I get kicked out of the Homophone Club For Homo Sapians, that’s probably why. I tried not to be too repetitive. I altered the prompt to get a couple more. I got 30, if I counted correctly.

Chivalry Resurrected: Homophone Inaction

Gone our the daze of princesses
And nights in shining armor
End thee wicked which who suppresses
With evil plans too harm her

Butt Hu needs that stuff
We can still send flours
Letter Noe she’s loved
Naught restrain her feminine powers

Wee can B knights in white satin
Remind her she’s the only won
With sweet words in Pig Latin
She can bee replaced bye nun

Eye no aye knead ewe
Fore ever, until time’s end
Four U, their is nothing I won’t due
Can I get an eh, men?

Is it sexist to send a woman flour? Does that seem like I’m implying I want her to cook? I will confess, I’m not much of a cook. Culinary prowess would be a large positive in a potential mate.

Until recently, every time I heard that song I would picture knights in white satin. I thought white satin sounded like horrible armor. It’s called “Nights in White Satin.” I guess I didn’t read the title. I heard it as a kid and knights seemed way cooler than satin sheets. I wanted to include that in my homophone poem as an homage to my younger, more naïve self.

“Eye no aye knead ewe” is not meant to be massage-ynistic. That’s a pun, not a homophone.


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  1. A homophonic marvel in rhyme! This made complete sense to me, but I’ve had some practice with reading homophones. I counted 29 homophones, not counting the “nights”. Did I get them all? Did I? *tail twitches*

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