I’ve seen these around. I usually think they’re dumb. I don’t mean to disrespect other people’s writing. I mean the concept. Six words isn’t a story. It’s a sentence. I’ve also read some that were impressive for six words. A lot can be said in six words. More can be implied. More can be inferred. So, I wanted to try one. I’m curious about what people take away from this. Please, post your interpretations in the comments. This preamble is way longer than the story.

He looked up. She was gone.

3 thoughts on “Six Word Story

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    1. I overloaded your brain in 6 words. I guess less can be more. I like the ambiguity of it. My initial thought was he wasn’t paying her enough attention, and she left. Then, I thought, “Maybe they’re playing Hide ‘N’ Seek.”

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