Your Love Is Weird

Inspired by Todd.

Your Love Is Weird

I don’t know where we go from here
It’s time to separate my dear
This might not be what you want to hear
But you’re love, you’re love is weird

I apologize. I’m sorry.
There’s one thing I guarantee
The things you like aren’t for me
I’m really not into pee

You make whips and chains
Seem old-fashioned and plain
I don’t want to play Gerald’s Game
That idea is insane

Have you heard of missionary
Some of the shit you do is scary
Not a little bit but very
That poor statue of Mary

I’m pretty sure it’s illegal
Like that thing with the eagle
Tied to the back of the beagle
Feeding antacid to a sea gull

I should have known things were wonky
When you brought in that donkey
That’s still not nearly as funky
As the things with the monkey

What was that thing with the penguin
My mood is no longer sanguine
I know there’s no way I can win
All I can do is give in

Things aren’t supposed to go in there
I’m getting the hell out of here
It’s time we separate my dear
Because you’re love, you’re love is weird


26 thoughts on “Your Love Is Weird

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      1. Is that a random tangent? Or is there a connection? Do they do bad things with penguins?

        I’ve seen Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. I didn’t like it. Every time it didn’t like my decision it made me redo it. Should I watch the series? I like sci-fi anthology.

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      2. Referring to socially acceptable, the first episode was barely watchable. The other episodes are not nearly as bad. Some are quite interesting. You may enjoy it.

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      3. I just read the synopsis on Wikipedia. I see how your mind went there. Bestiality is not my thing. I don’t understand why or how it is a thing. Have you heard Dave Chappelle’s theory on the origin of AIDS? It’s pretty funny.

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      4. I don’t watch a lot of series (if any). It’s a time commitment thing. It also means I have nothing to talk about with all the people who are talking about all the series they have watched or are watching. They’ll ask, “Have you watched…?” To which I reply, “Nope.” “What about…?” “Nope.” They figure it out pretty quick and move on.

        I can watch things like Black Mirror because each episode is self-contained. The couple times I was asked if I watched Black Mirror, I got really excited.

        So unless Electric Dreams is a self-contained series, or each episode is approximately 20 minutes long, I will have to pass.

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      5. I’m like that, too. I don’t like to watch TV, but I do crash out in front of it in the evenings when my brain is fried from trying to write all day.I know you watch Family Guy, American Dad, Bob’s Burgers, and maybe even some South Park. All of which I love.

        Electric Dreams is self-contained. It’s like Black Mirror, which is why I was reminded of it and thought I would ask. I think it’s an hourish, though.

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      6. Sleeping’s another necessary waste of time I can’t stand. I’ve actually had some good ideas in my sleep. The L Squad was a dream. I dreamed the whole first chapter and woke up laughing. Nobbinmaug is from a dream. Hitchcock told a story of a writer who kept a notepad by his bed. One night up with an amazing idea. He scribbled a note. He could hardly sleep because he was so excited about this idea. He finally drifted off. He woke up in the morning with a vague recollection that he had a great idea. He excitedly looked at his notepad where he wrote, “Boy meets girl.”

        I looked on Netflix, and for some reason, it started Black Mirror from the end. Do, I’m watching them backward, mirrored if you will. Your pig-loving episode is coming later.

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      7. Lol what a horrible note to wake up to. I try to remember my dreams too, but usually I will just sleep longer if I am having a good d.ream Seriously. If I wake up and recall the dream I was having, even if I’m not tired, I’ll go back to sleep to continue my dream.

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