Humans Are Weird: Humanity Finally Got Something Right

Anyone with any bit of sense knows under is only acceptable in Australia. Now, if only we could agree that it’s tissue not paper. Take a piece of paper in one hand, notepaper, binder paper, newspaper… Take a piece of tissue in the other, Kleenex, wrapping tissue… Which feels more like those white rolls you buy in bulk from Sam’s Club or Costco? Which would you rather have caressing your tender areas? That’s what I thought. Better yet, bidet?

Over or under? Toilet roll debate finally settled thanks to 128 year-old manual 

a close up of a sign: It's decided


9 thoughts on “Humans Are Weird: Humanity Finally Got Something Right

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    1. I dream of a world where we don’t have to write about it. I dream of a utopia where toilet tissue and the it’s empire of lies and torment is replaced by a machine that flips one upside down, removes all waste, and leaves the user fresh clean and 17-43 oz. lighter. Why upside down? Because it makes absolutely no sense, which makes it funnier.

      “Thank you for using the Shliplestein Fecalmatic 4,762 Automatic Fecal Extractor. I hope you enjoyed your extraction. Don’t forget to wash your hands.”

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