Flash Fiction: Tasha’s Gift

This was written for Carrot Ranch’s Flash Fiction Challenge. Each week’s challenge is to write to a prompt in exactly 99 words. This week we’re writing stories about a mouse.

My story is based on a true story. My cat, Tasha, would often bring me the gifts of dead rodents. One night, she brought in a live mouse. She dropped it, and it scurried behind something. She quickly lost interest and left it up to me to find and evict it. I prefer to avoid killing if at all possible.

Tasha’s Gift

“Aaaahaaha! A mouse!”

“You’re such a woman.”


“Women can’t be sexist.”

“I think that’s also sexist.”

“Men don’t get to decide what’s sexist.”

“That is definitely sexist.”

“Will you just get the mouse, please?”

“Why? Because I’m the man?”

“Because your cat brought it in, and it’s your apartment.”

“You wanna move in?”

“Hell no! You have mice.”

“Tasha and her gifts. They’re usually dead.”


“Yeah, it’s gross, but they’re easier to catch when they’re dead.”

“I am not staying here tonight if that mouse is here.”

“I’ll get it. I’ll get it. I will find it.”

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    1. Thank you. Yes. I always knew when she was coming with a gift. Tasha had a victory cry that preceded her. It was muffled by whatever was in her mouth. My roommate has a huntress dog who charts everything. She’s caught mice, chases lizards obsessively, and once caught a toad. I didn’t know they were poisonous. Her face swoll up. Her eyes swoll shut. She’s fine, but it was scary.

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