#TellTaleThursday: From The Window

This was written for #TellTaleThursday with Anshu & Priya. It’s up to 250 words on the prompt. This week is a visual prompt.


From The Window

Our hero watched out over the city from atop his perch. He was ready to leap into action at any moment. Only our hero is more of a zero.

He watched life pass him by from the window of his apartment. He saw young lovers pass through the alley by day. By night, he saw the prostitutes and drug deals. He saw muggings. He saw the police break up various criminal activities.

He yearned to be out there, to be a part of the life that unfolded outside his window. He longed to interact with people who passed by. He wanted to meet some of the beautiful women he could see from his window. He desired to be the hero that only existed in his imagination.

Every day he told himself today would be the day he would go out. He would smile at passersby. He would talk to people. He might even go into a shop and maybe get a coffee. Some days he made it as far the hallway before assuring himself that he would do it tomorrow. He made progress today. Tomorrow he would do it.

Finally, one day he woke up and decided he had enough. Today would be the day he ventured out into the world. For real this time. He would procrastinate no longer. He got up, shaved, showered, and put on his nicest clothes. He went over to the window and took one more look out before he jumped.


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