A To Z Challenge Theme Reveal

I think the word “reveal” is too strong. I don’t imagine anyone lurking around my blog eagerly anticipating me revealing the theme I will use in this year’s A To Z Challenge.

This is my first year trying the A To Z Challenge. It may turn out that I’m A To Z Challenged. If you’re unfamiliar, The A To Z Challenge is a challenge (duh!) for bloggers. The challenge is to write a post everyday in April, excluding Sundays. Each post will correspond to a letter in the alphabet. The rules aren’t strict. It’s pretty much post what you want as long as it is in some way associated with that day’s letter. The hard part is to be consistent and do it every day. I’ve chosen to write a story every day, which will be a lot harder than posting a picture, which is also an option. Though, the minimum is 100 words, so it’s doable.

I have chosen, for this challenge, to go back to my blog’s roots. I’m going to try to write a story for either The L Squad or Norman Normalson & The Normals. That will provide me with a universe of possibilities. Those are my two sci-fi for kids stories. I’ve written two books for The L Squad, along with character bios and a few vignettes, and one book for Norman Normalson & The Normals, along with a long bio for Norman Normalson and a Christmas special. I may take an occasional break from those. I may miss a day or two or four or eight. No, three, five, six, and seven are not possibilities. I’m going out of town the weekend before this starts and will be gone through the first two days. I’m already going to have to start early just to keep up.

Anyone interested in following along can find all the necessary background information by following those two links. I’ll also provide links in the posts. I’ll be happy to answer any questions anyone may have. Seriously. “You want to know more about The L Squad?” he asked, eagerly panting out the words.

12 thoughts on “A To Z Challenge Theme Reveal

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  1. “Sci-fi” caught my eye, but I might be too old for being the target reader ;). I hope life won’t get in the way of the challenge too much and you’ll be able to write all of your posts. Good luck!

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      1. You’re welcome any time :). I try to keep them separate for “random” reading, but – well – things are connected since it’s the same world.

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