A To Z Challenge: Abby

This is my opener for this year’s A To Z Challenge. In case you missed my dramatic A To Z Challenge Theme Reveal, I’m trying to focus on my sci-fi creations, The L Squad & Norman Normalson & The Normals. You can learn more about Abby by reading her bio. You can also follow along with my A To Z Challenge by following that link. That one right there. You almost missed it. Well, it’s there if you’d like to click on it.


Abberonia Smeltfeeld Starmonious awoke from another of her bad dreams, disoriented. Breathing heavily, she looked around at her surroundings. She remembered her dreams weren’t just bad dreams they were memories. It all rushed back to her. Her home world of Yamfenn had been destroyed. Her adopted home world of Nasga had been invaded, renamed LambaBad, and all its inhabitants had been enslaved. She worked in the uranium mines before being transferred to the science and engineering department to help build a fleet and weapons for an insane tyrant whose life’s ambition was to conquer and destroy. They escaped but had crash-landed on this new world. What was it called? Canada? No. They were in Canada, which was a country on the planet. It was Girth or something bizarre like that. It was inhabited by Hermans. No. That was George’s mustache. Humans or Girthlings. Earthlings. They were on a planet called Earth.

Abby looked at her clock, which was now set to Earth time. 4:01. She couldn’t get used to this 24-hour cycle, which most humans inexplicably pretended was two 12-hour cycles. It wasn’t uncommon for the majority of the compound’s inhabitants to be up and wondering at various times. Abby decided to head for her workshop. That’s where she spent most of her time anyway, and working was better than the constant horrors she found in her sleep.

These days, Abby’s workshop was just a place where she would draw up ideas. None of the refugees were allowed access to anything technological. At least not by their standards. What they were allowed maxed out at human technology, which was, how do I say this politely? Horrible, worthless garbage compared to everything any of them had ever used before. Yes, that is as politely as I can word it.

Her workshop was a little place partitioned off where Abby could have privacy. Anyone technologically- or scientifically-minded was granted a private area to work on cultivating ideas and potential inventions, especially the Yamfennians. The only thing they had to do was participate in Captain Grek’s exercise program.

Other than participating in the mandatory portion of training, Abby spent most of her time alone in her workshop. Most of the other refugees participated in the optional portions of training that were disguised as games and sports. Abby wasn’t adverse to exercise. She just wasn’t a fan of being around other people, especially in large quantities.

In her workshop is where Abby was the happiest. She would draw up plans for new inventions with no idea if they would work or if she could even obtain the materials she imagined using. This was a new planet about which she knew nothing. She spent a lot of her free time studying the planet. The refugees were allowed limited access to a primitive version of the intergalactic interweb called the internet, which was confined to the single globe. She had never heard of such a thing but used it to learn about their new home and its inhabitants. The information she found on the relentless destructive nature of humans, the creatures who were holding them in quarantine, didn’t help to alleviate her nightmares.

This particular morning, Abby was trying to resume a project she started on Nasga. It was an anthropomorphizing device. In theory, it would be able to take lower life forms and imbue them with Yamfennian-like qualities. If it worked, she might even be able to use it on humans and help them evolve out of their primitive, violent, hateful state.

Abby was on the cusp of a temper tantrum brought on by frustration. The antiquated human technology she was given to use was impossibly slow and limited in every capacity. She couldn’t seem to make her computer do much more than play videos of cats or humans doing incredibly stupid things like playing video games. Why in the universe would anyone want to watch a video of someone else playing a video game? What was wrong with these creatures?

Before her frustration could build to tantrum proportions, there was a slight knock on her door. Abby paused. She looked at her door in disbelief. She couldn’t imagine who could be requesting entrance to her workshop at this time. The knock repeated. Abby bounced out of her chair and opened the door to find a black and white, with splotches of brown, furry creature with large, bright eyes.

“Hi, Abby,” said Batimus. “I’m Batimus.” She continued, ignoring the fact that I just said that.

“Right,” said Abby, squinting and shielding her eyes. “You’re one of the Batisians.”

“Sorry,” said Batimus. “I forgot about my lights.”

She dimmed the lights emitting from her eyes.

“Thanks,” said Abby.

“Yeah, I’m Batisian. My friends call me Bat. I just came by to congratulate and thank you.”

“For what?”

“Haven’t you heard?”

“I don’t hear much. Not many people talk to me. All I’ve heard recently was someone running around yelling, ‘Tomfoolery!’”

“We’re free. The humans have finally decided to end our quarantine.”

“Finally! Does this mean I can get my computers and equipment back?”

“I don’t know.”

“Why are you thanking me?”

“You were the deciding factor,” said Batimus.

“Me? Was it my essay on the cruelty of captivity?”


“Was it my plea to humanity to see us as equals instead of animals to be tamed?”


“Did they finally accept that our ship was destroyed, and we’re stuck here?’


“Did they find evidence of the Lambad ship that followed us here and realize they need us to protect them?”


“Was it my warnings about the probability of The Tyrannical Tyrannosaurus Gregory LambaDambaBottom following us here and the need for global preparation?”


“Then, how the glaurf was I the deciding factor?”

“It’s because you remind humans of something called Easter. It’s a holiday that’s coming soon.”

“I remind them of a holiday.”

“Yeah. Apparently, Yamfennians look a little like colorful rabbits, a cute, furry animal native to Earth.”

“Humans think Yamfennians are cute?”

“They think you’re especially cute amongst the Yamfennians. So, thanks.” Abby just stared at Batimus with a shocked expression and drooping antennae. “So, what are you going to do when they finally let us out of here?”

Abby paused. Excitement grew within her. “I’m going to get a pet.”


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