Dear WordPress Community,

To all my blog friends, followers, readers, commenters, likers, I have been very busy lately with life, death, family, traveling, and various other distractions. I hope no one ever sees the pile of dishes currently in my kitchen or overflowing laundry. I don’t want to see them. There’s no sign of anything slowing down any time soon. The pulls on my time are going to get worse before they get better. It’s been all I can do to get up the posts I need to post. All my A To Z Challenge stuff has been prepared in advance, so far. I knew this was coming but not to the extent that it’s going to be drawn out. As a result, I’ve been slow to respond to comments or read and comment on other people’s works. My apologies. I’d like to say I’ll get to them eventually, but I won’t get to it all. Posting and responding to comments are my blogging priority right now. I will interact a lot more when things calm down. Thank you for understanding and reading and commenting and liking.

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    1. Thank you. It’s not really bad just overwhelming. Well, the death part is bad, but I’m pretty sure that doesn’t get better. When it does, it’s usually worse, Frankenstein’s monster, zombies…

      I forgot about the dog sitting part. There are 8 dogs on my bed right now.

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      1. 8 dogs. All Cavaliers? I’m trying to imagine that. I’ve only ever had 4 at one time (not Cavaliers). I’m pretty sure I was in heaven. I don’t know about more though.
        No, for the survivors death doesn’t get better. I have no information on the afterlife so don’t know what to say about the dead. And zombies, yep, all bad there.
        Hopefully you have a zen place…although if the dogs are cuddlers that could be it. 🙂

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