A To Z Challenge: Excellent!

Today’s A To Z Challenge is a little one because I need it to be. I have a lot going on, which is making it hard for me to keep up, and I don’t have any characters whose names start with E. I have the planet or Epatrus and it’s people Epatrusians, from Norman Normalson & The Normals, but I didn’t feel like writing, or think anybody felt like reading, a history of a planet or the people who inhabit that planet. On top of all the stuff I talked about in this post, my roommate, who’s a dog breeder, and I are dog sitting for another dog breeder, but that’s a different post.


The refugee’s distress call was never been received or returned by the people of Earth. They still got the message when the enormous mothership they refugees commandeered to escape the planet LambaBad crash-landed in the Canadian wilderness.

The message didn’t reach its intended recipient. Instead, it floated around space. It pinged off satellites and traveled through wormholes. It was picked up by other ships and forwarded. It spread through the Intergalactic Interweb.

It took a while, but the distress call sent out by the refugees escaping the once lush, beautiful, vacation planet Nasga reached the usurped, polluted planet now called LambaBad.

A former Nasgan, who was now defeated and forced into a life of servitude as a Lambad, brought his tyrannical overlord the message. He displayed a map of the universe.

“Sir, we’ve found the escapees. They sent a distress call from here. They’ve survived and appear to be on this planet. It’s an uncivilized planet with barely beyond barbaric forms of technology. We’ve received follow-up messages from the ship you sent after them that they are stranded.”


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