A To Z Challenge: Genesis: The Captain Grek Dialogues

The A To Z Challenge is testing my alphabet skills. Who knew I would use that after kindergarten?

Today’s letter is G, which comes after F and before Q. There may be some letters in between, but I’m pretty sure Q is imminent. I’m continuing with my L Squad theme. I’m still filling in the time between the The L Squad Bios and the Vignettes and my first novel, The L Squad. I’m imagining these combined with the bios and vignettes will come together like Voltron to form a prequel tentatively title R.A.D.: Refugee Alien Defenders (An L Squad Prequel). This one is about Captain Grek and the genesis of The Refugee Alien Defenders.

Genesis: The Captain Grek Dialogues

“We’ve done it,” Captain Grek said to the chosen few he gathered in his quarters. “We’re free. The humans have agreed to end our quarantine.”

A chorus of cheers arose in the room.

“Tomfoolery!” said Tomfoolery.

“No, Tomfoolery,” said Captain Grek. “We don’t need you to spread the word.”

“Tomfoolery?” asked Tomfoolery.

“Because most people don’t understand you,” said Captain Grek.

“Tomfoolery!” said Tomfoolery, angrily.

“There’s no need for that tone or language,” said Captain Grek. “This is a time for celebration.”

“Tomfoolery! Tomfoolery! Tomfoolery!” said Tomfoolery, as he stormed out of Grek’s quarters.

Captain Grek called PolleeAnnuh. He quickly explained the situation and had them find Tomfoolery and try to get him under control. He dismissed the rest of the room but retained his hand-selected confidants.

Captain Grek looked around his quarters at Schmargf, Meestuh Squawklebolce, Gronult, Doogleynobbz, MkFlooffeepence, Chugklet, and Kruwkedpinz.

“The defense of this planet has just fallen to us,” said Captain Grek. “You seven are my most trusted soldiers and advisers. As the rest of the refugees put their faith in me, I’m putting my faith in you. You all played integral roles in our escape from LambaBad and saving as many lives a possible.”

“We wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without you, Captain,” said Kruwkedpinz.

“I couldn’t have gotten anywhere without all of you,” said Captain Grek, “which is why I want each of you to head up one of our divisions.”

“That’s quite an honor, Captain, but why split us up?” asked Meestuh Squawklebolce.

“It’s part of the agreement with the humans,” said Captain Grek. “I told them we would separate ourselves into divisions to reduce response time for any potential disasters. In reality, they want us divided in case we turn on them.”

“Do they really think we’re going to turn on them?” asked Chugklet.

“They are a suspicious species,” said Captain Grek. “It’s the result of being a greedy, destructive people.”

“Can we be as effective in defending the planet when he comes if we’re divided?” asked Schmargf.

“I think we can,” said Captain Grek. “We can be more responsive. While we’re waiting for the attack we all know is coming, we can help deal with domestic threats. The more we help the humans, the more they’ll accept us.”

“All right, how are we doing this?” asked Doogleynobbz.

“Captain Schmargf is leading a division in Africa,” said Captain Grek.

“Captain Schmargf. I like that,” said Captain Schmargf.

“Captain Meestuh Squawklebolce will be in this part of Asia. Captain Gronult will be in this part of Asia. Captain Doogleynobbz will be in the southern part of Asia,” said Captain Grek.

“That’s a lot of focus on Asia,” said Captain Gronult.

“Asia’s a big place,” Captain Grek.

“Captain MkFlooffeepence you have Australia,” said Captain Grek.

“That’s a small place,” said Captain MkFlooffeepence.

“You can help with Asia, too, if necessary,” said Captain Grek. “Captain Chugklet, you’re in Europe, and Captain Kruwkedpinz, you’ll be down in South America. I’ll stay right here in North America.”

“What about me, Captain?” asked Uniqraw.

“Uniqraw? How do you always get into these meetings?” asked Captain Grek.

“I’m Uniqraw,” said Uniqraw.

“You’re staying here with me so that I can keep an eye on you,” said Captain Grek. “You will be the captain of underpants.”

“The war on laundry is never-ending,” said Captain Uniqraw, Captain Of Underpants.

“We have a lot of work to do. We have raw refugees to turn into soldiers. We have bases to build. We have divisions and squads to construct. We have an attack for which we must prepare and a planet to defend. Ladies and gentlemen, we are the Refugee Alien Defenders.”


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