A To Z Challenge: Lambads

Keep up with all the amazing installments of the A To Z Challenge. Yes, that does sound kind of bossy. Sorry. It’s more of a suggestion than a command. Do it! If you want.

I wanted this to be a comprehensive understanding of the enemies of The L Squad. I don’t have time for that. It will be a minor miracle if this is complete and coherent.

I wrote this in about 15 on my phone with a headache, no sleep, and a lot to do today. It should be much better, but I don’t have time.


Nasga was a beautiful planet. It was warm, in climate and spirit, and inviting. Nasga welcomed people from all over the universe. Some came as tourists. Some came as immigrants. Some came as tourists but converted to immigrants.

That all changed when The Tyrannical Tyrannosaurus Gregory LambaDambaBottom invaded. He easily conquered the peaceful planet. He enslaved any who opposed him.

The Nasgans, the original natives of the planet, didn’t know how to deal with an extraterrestrial threat or any threat. They quickly acquiesced.

From then on, Nasga was called LambaBad, and the Nasgans were Lambads, agents of evil.

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