Flash Fiction: Carrot Ranch

This was written for Carrot Ranch’s Flash Fiction Challenge. Each week’s challenge is to write to a prompt in exactly 99 words. This week’s prompt is to write about a rabbit on a roof. It’s inspired by a true story Charli told this week as part of the prompt.

Carrot Ranch

“Is that a bunny on the roof?”



“Bunny is the equivalent of a slur to them.”

“Uh… Is that a rabbit on the roof?”


“You don’t seem impressed.”


“Does that happen often?”

“Working at a Carrot Ranch, one learns not to underestimate rabbits.”

“Even climbing on the roof?”

“They used to tunnel under the fence until we extended it deeper.”

“That doesn’t explain how it got on the roof.”


“How do you think it got up there?”

“Parachute, maybe.”


“Maybe. Our job is not to question the rabbits but to protect the carrots.”

17 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Carrot Ranch

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  1. Awesome! Love that last line! Protect the carrots! I did consider an owl might had picked up the rabbit and dropped it yet there are the tracks going up the deck stairs and the incredible leap. Strange times, great stories!


      1. Wow that nice to hear. And please, when you are through with your story, in case I don’t see it in time, could you just remind me? 😊

        It will be a productive day.

        I’m doing great. I’m trying to build relationships with my big family (I call them family not followers)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hey, I was wondering if you could join my Email list. I add my family (I call followers, family) to it so I can keep in touch. You know, sometimes, when we don’t really get in touch through blogging, There would be the Email list, to continue our friendship bond💐

        So what do you think?😃
        Could you please join?



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