Friday Fictioneers: Politics As Usual

Friday Fictioneers is hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields who provides us with a photo prompt. Each week’s challenge is to write a 100-word story inspired by the photo. Click here to play along or just read more stories.

Photo Prompt Courtesy J. Hardy Carroll

Warning: Graphic Content.

Politics As Usual

Lily dropped to her knees. Samantha squatted beside her. She only grunted as the bullet tore into her ribs. Blood, skin, lung, and bone fragments splattered onto the locker. Samantha was thrust to the floor.

Lily screamed as the gun turned to her. The next bullet tore off her jaw.


“How can you piss on the Constitution and take guns from hard-working, tax-paying Americans?”

“These shootings scream for gun reform.”

“Those laws would only hurt honest Americans. Criminals, by definition, will break the law. These shootings are a reminder that we need guns for our safety.”

“Guns can only destroy.”

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  1. It’s a horribly sad story, with no fore-seeable good solution. The Second Amendment was meant to protect us from an overweening government. That’s still a good idea. But all these guns getting into the hands of wrong users?


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    1. That’s exactly the point! What do we do? We’ve opened this Pandora’s Box and made guns easily accessible. They’re not going away. I think the solution lies in mental health screening and helping, which is still very difficult.

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  2. Looking from across the pond, almost no one in the UK can understand the American resistance to banning guns, or at least strict controls. Or the opposition to free health care for all at the point of delivery. Why would anyone be against these things? Just bizarre arguments about 200 year old constitutions… Graphic and hard-hitting.

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    1. Or opposition to immigration in a country founded by illegal immigrants.

      1) We like to pretend we’re in the old west. Yee Haw!
      2) Free health care is Socialism. Socialism is evil because it was invented by Satan in the place bad people go when they die, Russia.

      It’s the same people who don’t want to wear masks because we’re just really dumb. We’re the country set on spreading democracy throughout the world while we don’t have it. We’re a republic, not a democracy. I don’t understand it either.

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    1. I’ve never seen it with my own eyes, but I still know it must be stopped. My best friend worked in a doctor’s office where three people were killed. Years later, she has PTSD and can’t be positioned anywhere near an open door at her current job, and she got off much easier than the people who were shot.

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      1. Yes, the brutality that humans can inflict upon one another is devastating, and the distance a gun allows makes harming others – even killing a whole classroom of first graders – easy. It never should be easy. Or accessible.

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  3. At the risk of being seriously flamed… let me just say that it’s not the gun that kills, but the hand that holds it. A gun, untouched, does no harm. A gun in the hand of a good person, rarely harms. A gun in the hand of someone who has no soul… well, we’ve all seen that result.

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    1. I won’t flame you, but I will say that’s a lame cop out. Guns are made to destroy. That’s their sole purpose. Even target shooting is destruction. Guns don’t save lives. They can only take lives. Their not seat belts, lifevests, antibiotics… They are weapons. Weapons are made to destroy. Mass shootings would not be possible without guns. No one has ever walked into a school, theater, Walmart… and killed multiple people with their bare hands. I readily acknowledge 90% of people with guns won’t kill or even harm anybody. That’s a rough estimate off the top of my head. 100% of people without guns won’t kill people in mass shootings, which have become common enough that my first thought upon seeing that picture was, “School shooting.” My best friend worked in a doctor’s office where a man brought in a shotgun and killed three people, then himself. He had a gripe with a doctor. Without a gun, at least two of those people would still be alive, probably all four.


      1. Sorry to offend, or hurt. I have rarely used a gun, and only when I needed to hunt to feed my family. I grew up surrounded by police officers who were “dads” to me, and guns were a necessary evil. They carried as part of their job.

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      2. I wasn’t hurt or offended. That wasn’t an emotional response, just making a point. “Necessary evil” is a good way to put it. They’re only necessary because there are so many other guns out there, with far too many in the hands of criminals. Hunting to eat is an entirely different thing.

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  4. Triggered!!!

    I think the problem is bigger than guns. People are disconnected from each other. The anger won’t go away by banning guns, trucks become lethal. I am grateful guns are controlled in Australia. The USA has a bigger problem, guns are everywhere and the crims won’t give them up, only the good people. A really f*&^ed situation.

    Great story N. As graphic as it needed to be to hit home.

    I need to watch a kitten video now…

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    1. The police don’t even carry guns? Tell me more about this utopia. Do you ride unicorns to work? Can you taste the rainbows? Do they taste like Skittles? Are the clouds marshmallows? Does the wind smell like roses?

      I wish we could aspire to be better instead of just claiming to be the greatest and pretending that’s good enough.

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      1. Wow! It’s amazing what the world could look like without a bunch of maniacs running around with guns. I’m going to take that as a yes on the unicorns and a maybe on the rainbows.

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  5. I cannot remotely understand anyone who imagines that more guns equals safer. It manifestly doesn’t. If a man has a gun when the red mist rises, he’ll use it and maybe regret it. If he hasn’t got one, he can’t. And what about accidental shootings by kids? Every year little kids shoot themselves and others by accident.
    And protection against an overweening government? Give me strength. Do you want another civil war?
    Nobbin, your story has got me all fired up. Well written.

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    1. I do not want another Civil War, but things do look to be building toward that. I think some even want it. A couple of years ago, I read an article about the Sandy Hook school shooting in 2012. Gun enthusiasts claimed it was a hoax and went so far as to harass parents who lost children. That got me fired up. I’m trying to write a book about it, but it’s hard to do. I have a hard time going into that place and coming out. Thank you.

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  6. School shooters have legally obtained guns for the most part. We need to close the loopholes that allow these weapons of mass destruction to rule our society. I’m not in favor of taking all guns, just those automatic weapons that have only one purpose — to mass murder!

    On a more peaceful note, the furbabies look like they are having wonderful puppy dreams.

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    1. What I was trying to relay is that our society has created this problem for which we have no solution. Guns aren’t going anywhere.

      They were stretching out in my chair. “Sorry. You’ll have to sit somewhere else.”

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  7. Fortunately, in the UK we don’t have a constitution, so no-one could complain when we banned guns that it was unconstitutional…

    I remember back when we had a terrorist attack (someone went crazy with a knife) that there were rumblings from the US that “if people in the UK carried a gun, they could have reduced the death toll”. Um, yeah. Civilians, being civilians, would have opened fire in a panic and shot the attackers and each other. Then the Armed Response Unit would have arrived, seen all the guns and shot everyone who was left…

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  8. I learned to shoot a rifle when I was in high school, only because my father had one in the closet. Always unloaded and we were told not to touch it. We didn’t. But he did want us to learn to shoot. We did. I haven’t fired a weapon since and I was good. No interest. It’s sad the way the U.S. insists we all need guns to protect ourselves. Uh, against each other? Well done and very thought-provoking.

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    1. I agree with your father’s approach. If it’s going to be in the house, make sure the kids know the safety regulations and how to properly use it. The worst thing you can do is make it a forbidden mystery. Those are always tantalizing, especially for kids.

      Thank you.


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