Friday Fictioneers: Abandoned

Friday Fictioneers is hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields who provides us with a photo prompt. Each week’s challenge is to write a 100-word story inspired by the photo. Click here to play along or just read more stories.

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson


The lights pierced the ceiling, and they were gone. My shock turned to terror when I realized it wasn’t just the band but most of the audience, too.

Someone yelled, “It’s the rapture. Take me, Lord.” She ran outside.

It seemed almost compulsory that the rest of us follow. We made it outside as the light hit her. That’s when we saw the ship.

It was spraying beams of light all over the city. Were they beaming up people like on Star Trek? Or were they death beams? No one wanted to find out. We scattered.

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      1. I’m thinking of the episode with the gangsters/mafia… a culture destroyed by the leaving behind of a copy of the “Godfather” that the locals decided was their “bible” for life…. a very sad episode if you think about the ramifications of such…and an example of why the Prime Directive not to interfere with other cultures was made. There’s other episodes with similar instances that involve Captians who become “roman” style rulers who fight a civil war, and one where a captain becomes like hitler. Very unsettling. Classic, and I mean that in the classiest sense, Classic Science fiction at it’s best… a mirror to our society….

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    1. Cults are so funny. Until they’re not, of course. I did not know they had a website much less that it was still active. I had to Google them. It seems like they were something from long ago. 1974-1997. Though there are still two active members.

      Thank you.

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      1. As you may have found out from your Google search, the cult (Heaven’s Gate) came to the attention of the public when its members committed mass suicide. The two members who are still alive today volunteered to be left behind in order to continue disseminating information about the cult (although it was no longer accepting new members). They are the ones who are keeping the website running after all these years.

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