Friday Fictioneers: Know A Fence

Friday Fictioneers is hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields who provides us with a photo prompt. Each week’s challenge is to write a 100-word story inspired by the photo. Click here to play along or just read more stories.


Know A Fence

When the electric fences went up around the cities, few cared. City people didn’t notice. Country people were happy to be rid of city folk.

The city people noticed the fences when they couldn’t go for country vacations. Country people became concerned when their children in college couldn’t come home.

The city people grumbled when they couldn’t get salads. The country people when they couldn’t get Amazon packages.

As supplies grew short, the government saved the day. Supply drops became the only way to maintain communities. Taxes were adjusted accordingly.

Everybody hated the fences, but it was too late now.

39 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Know A Fence

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  1. You’ve constructed your metaphor carefully, and it makes a lot of sense. One could view it as analogous to the bans on international travel under covid. Have we really reached that point in our suspicion of government? I wonder.

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    1. I made sense! 🎉🎉🎉

      I didn’t even think COVID. I can see that. I was thinking more about how people self-segregate based on color, religion, politics… without considering what each brings when we come together. Also the literal sense of immigration limitations, a certain wall.

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  2. What a great metaphor on how to be aware of the beginnings. When we let ‘the ones in power proceed for too long with something without massive protest, it’s too late. If protest is possible at all…

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  3. What would they do without mighty Amazon?

    A few years after we left high school, bbf and I went for a drive. In our absence, they put a fence around the entire school. How would the little darlings have their smokos? We couldn’t work out if the fence was designed to keep the kids in or out…

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