Friday Fictioneers: Captain Rupert Wigglesworth

Friday Fictioneers is hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields who provides us with a photo prompt. Each week’s challenge is to write a 100-word story inspired by the photo. Click here to play along or just read more stories.

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

I decided I was not going to participate this week. I’m not keeping up with reading stories and commenting. Biggie, the last puppy to leave, was delayed until this weekend. He and his sister, Xero, are constant chaos. He’s learned to escape from everything. He’s a tiny, 11-pound Cavalier. He’s climbing out of crates with two-foot-high walls. He can climb over the divide between the puppy playroom, formerly the living room, and the rest of the house. He gets under, over, or around all barriers. My roommate and I went to a friend’s house the other night and left them in a crate with a lid and locking door. They unlocked the door somehow and got out. House training consists of running around outside eating sticks, rocks, and my grandfather’s rose bushes, then coming in to do their business.

Still, I will be very sad when he goes. He’s become my little buddy. My chair is now our chair. In the evenings, he sits in it and waits for me to watch TV with him. He curls up on my lap and chews on my buttons, zippers, tie strings, fingers, nose, facial hair, and/or ears.

Anyway, I saw Dale’s picture and had an idea right away. So, here it is.

Captain Rupert Wigglesworth

Captain Rupert Wigglesworth peeked out from behind the books. He knew he was safe there. Bill’s books were strictly decorative. Did he even realize he had three copies of Les Misérable?

Mister Fluffers sent him to gather intelligence. Five minutes with Bill told him he was in the wrong place to gather intelligence. He just watched YouTube on his phone.

“Come on, Bill. I only have nine lives,” Captain Rupert Wigglesworth thought.

Bill’s phone rang.

“6:30, dock 42. Got it.”

The next morning, Mister Fluffers and Captain Rupert Wigglesworth spearheaded the greatest tuna heist in the history of tuna heists.

32 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Captain Rupert Wigglesworth

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    1. He’s not lost. He’s sold. They’ve had some personal issues that have delayed them picking him up. He’s going to a good home where he’ll get lots of love. It’s just always hard to watch them go.

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  1. Dear Nobbin,

    You took the anthropomorphic cat story to a new level. Love the tuna heist. 😀

    As for house training, I could relate to that. Although puppies are easier to potty train than human toddlers. IMHO
    Years ago when we lived in an apartment and I was attending the KC Art Institute I was trying to paper train my Chihuahua mix. Because our landlady didn’t know we were harboring four-legged contraband, I carried Bambi to school every day in my oversized purse. Imagine my dilemma when she piddled on another student’s sketch. I mean she did go on the paper, right? (hm…perhaps an FF story for another time. 😉

    Again, good story. Glad Dale’s picture brought you into the FFFold this week.



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    1. Thank you, Rochelle. It was fun to write.

      I don’t have experience in human potty training. I still wear a diaper. Hmm… You may be right.

      That sounds embarrassing and horrific. That would definitely make for a good story. I want to know more.


  2. I so enjoyed reading about your puppies antics. Pups are SO naughty, but so loveable. We’re currently dogless, but we’ve had a few over the years. I also got a chuckle from Mister Fluffy and the Captain. Great characters.

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