Friday Fictioneers: Off The Grid

Friday Fictioneers is hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields who provides us with a photo prompt. Each week’s challenge is to write a 100-word story inspired by the photo. Click here to play along or just read more stories.


This isn’t where I wanted to go with this, but it’s where it went. “Don’t blame me. I was given this world. I didn’t make it.” – 2Pac “Keep Ya Head Up.”

Off The Grid

“Bets, will you go out to the garage and get me a coconut?”

“Goddamn it, Dad! It’s not a garage. It’s a deformed carport with a tin roof. And I’m sick of coconuts.”

“We have to make concessions to live off the grid.”

“I don’t want to live off the grid. I want to live with mom.”

“Your mom left us.”

“You left mom. She didn’t want to live like crazy, paranoid people.”

“We have everything we need right here.”

“I need cell service and wifi and to go to school like a normal kid.”

“Normal kids die in school.”

40 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Off The Grid

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      1. Not at all. I can take a joke. In the worst of times, humor can keep us sane. You opened up a different way to look at the story that I didn’t see. I appreciate that.

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  1. Skillful way to get to current events. Every time I hear another report about TX the death toll rises. I heard earlier that the shooter was bullied in school. Do you shoot 9 year-olds because you were bullied by your peers years earlier? I don’t blame anyone for going off the grid and keeping their child out of school these days. I will advocate my baby granddaughter not go to school when she gets to that age.

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    1. I didn’t want to write that story. It just wouldn’t leave my head. I wrote this in the oddest way. It was just a few lines at a time without a clear ending, or even an idea of what the story was, and that’s where it went.

      Sadly, yes. This is the society we’ve created. Where people are so sensitive they can’t deal with things. There has to be retaliation for any slight or perceived slight. These shootings have become so common that a warped mind could see it as a fitting retaliation.

      And how sad is that? That we’ve failed so miserably as a society that we’re scared to send our kids to school.

      Thank you, Lisa

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    1. I’m not going to celebrate this “Oh Nobbin.” The cost is too high. I wasn’t writing that story. It was supposed to be something goofy about a family that lives off the grid. I wrote it over an hour or two, a couple of lines at a time, and that’s where it ended up.

      Thank you, Rochelle.


    1. It’s an impossible situation all the way around. There’s no easy fix, way to keep everybody safe, or keep everybody happy. If only there were. Thank you.


    1. It is. Let’s hope it’s just a moment in time that proves to be relatively short-lived. It’s already outlived any acceptable duration. It’s the unthinkable made reality. Thank you.


  2. I see your comments about your writing process for this story and I’m intrigued. I’ll have to try that approach; it sure worked for you here. Heartbreaking twist at the end.

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