Psychological Hacks for Writers

I thought I’d share this for anybody who struggles with motivation or focus like anybody who’s not named Stephen King, and maybe even a few who are.


Four psychological hacks for writers when The Muse refuses to play. In other words, how to be more productive as a writer. Or how to tame The Muse. In my experience the answer is a mixture of motivation, focus, prioritising, and pacing.There are a limitless number of writing exercises to help bring out creativity but exercises don’t address writer psychology. As writers, there is also a psychological element that can hold us back from reaching our potential.

Confession time…

November was the month I set my mind on writing my novel. My month to prove I am a “real” writer and not a hack. I bombed spectacularly. The universe didn’t get the memo: Tannille is busy — nick off. Instead, I got saddled with appointment after appointment because in Australia many workplaces shut for the Çhristmas period (mid-December to mid-January), so there is always a mad rush for workplaces to…

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