R.A.D. Profile: Chuckinstuf

This is more of a description than a biography. Chuckinstuf isn't introduced until The L Squad: Phase Two where he plays an important role. It may be necessary, in the near to distant future, to have some background on him. Chuckinstuf is a Xellwamian from the planet Xellwam. Xellwam is a planet of fur. All... Continue Reading →

Norman Normalson: A Biography: Part 4: Freaky Friends

Catch up Norman's Bio here. Norman was assigned a guide who the school labeled a buddy. Norman was more embarrassed about being assigned a friend than he was to have no friends. His buddy was odd looking, even for an Epatrusian. He? She? Norman wasn’t sure. His buddy had a pointy head and spoke robotically.... Continue Reading →

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