Flash Fiction: St. Valentine On Ice

This was written for Carrot Ranch's Flash Fiction Challenge. Each week's challenge is to write to a prompt in exactly 99 words. This week's is to draw inspiration from the "holiday" that just passed. Seriously, if you need a special holiday to remind you to love someone or treat that someone special, maybe you don't... Continue Reading →

Humans Are Weird: New Years

Every 365¼ days the Earth completes a rotation around its solar system's sun. Apparently, this is cause for celebration. The act of starting a new cycle around the sun sets off worldwide celebrations. Though, not all at the same time. Some festivities are separated by hours, some by months. If you think about it, it... Continue Reading →

No one is sure how or why this happened, but it happened. This was humanity's most embarrassing moment until, you know, Donald Trump. I have not seen it. I probably never will. Maybe someday. I don't recommend you see it. I jokingly referenced it in A Nearly Norman Christmas, so I thought I would share... Continue Reading →

Elf’s Lament

Here's another of my favorite Christmas songs. There is a subtle reference to this song in A Nearly Norman Christmas. Yeah, I'm still pushing that. I spent way too much time on it for the few views it has. Barenaked Ladies are just awesome. This song is great. It's really satirically funny. Enjoy! Can I... Continue Reading →

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