Humans Are Weird: Time Edition

While working on my latest rewrite of Norman Normalson & The Normals, I was reminded of another bizarre practice of humanity. It is predominately a dominate practice in English-speaking countries. English is spoken in a lot of places. There's a place in the book in which Norman is making plans with his friends. He plans... Continue Reading →

Humans Are Weird: New Years

Every 365¼ days the Earth completes a rotation around its solar system's sun. Apparently, this is cause for celebration. The act of starting a new cycle around the sun sets off worldwide celebrations. Though, not all at the same time. Some festivities are separated by hours, some by months. If you think about it, it... Continue Reading →

The Most Offensive Song Ever

In continuing with my ridiculous build up in preparation for Norman Normalson in A Nearly Norman Christmas, I'm posting another Christmas song. This one is apparently offensive, possibly the most offensive song ever. No, not the one from South Park. This blog is supposed to be family-friendly. While, completely innocuous when compared to everything else... Continue Reading →

The War On Hanukkah

It's the seventh day of Hanukkah. As I'm rewriting and preparing Norman Normalson's Christmas special, I've been posting some Christmassy videos. Often, the two month Christmas celebration overshadows Chanukah. Christmas is more nationally recognized and celebrated. People get offended when they learn other people don't celebrate Christmas. These people seem to believe that anyone who... Continue Reading →

Humans Are Weird: Alarming Revelations

Dear Humanity, Why is it when your alarm comes on in the morning you say it’s going off? It’s clearly coming on. If it were off, you would not be awakened. From now on, you are to say your alarm is coming on. Please, make the adjustment. Your friend and logic coach, Nobbinmaug

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