A To Z Challenge Theme Reveal

I think the word "reveal" is too strong. I don't imagine anyone lurking around my blog eagerly anticipating me revealing the theme I will use in this year's A To Z Challenge. This is my first year trying the A To Z Challenge. It may turn out that I'm A To Z Challenged. If you're... Continue Reading →

Terza Rima: Home: Norman’s Odyssey

I said it would happen. Here it is, a terza rima from the point of view of Norman Normalson. I also wrote an alternate version, which is more mature and does not involve Norman or aliens or butts. Again, thanks to Cubby and her terza rima challenge for the inspiration. I've had fun with the... Continue Reading →

A Nearly Ready Christmas

So, I said A Nearly Norman Christmas would be posted today. It won't. I'm a hopeless constant tinkerer, and I'm never satisfied. I've been working on it today. The more I read through it the more it changes, which tells me it's not ready. I'm hoping tomorrow. The wait will be worth it. I hope.... Continue Reading →

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