Your Love Is Weird

Inspired by Todd. Your Love Is Weird I don’t know where we go from here It’s time to separate my dear This might not be what you want to hear But you’re love, you’re love is weird I apologize. I’m sorry. There’s one thing I guarantee The things you like aren’t for me I’m really... Continue Reading →

Thorned Rose

Thorned Rose She gave me a thorned rose that left me with permanent holes I hoped its red pedals would hold true but it was its thorns that shown through I nurtured it from a bud and held it precious only to discover its nature was malicious when in bloom it was my happiness when... Continue Reading →

Convince Myself

I'm not a fan of poetry that doesn't rhyme. To me, it's lazy. Why can't you find the time to rhyme? I comes off more like an emo journal entry or text message than a poem. I don't even like poetry anyway. I've read some poetry that doesn't rhyme that I've enjoyed. I like good... Continue Reading →


This is kind of pedestrian. Oh well. I guess I'm not very inspired today. See what I did there? Inspiration You inspire me with your beauty you make the words flow you tell me where they go you take my mind places to where my heart races your eyes are my light your smile my... Continue Reading →

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