I could love you like no one ever could I'd do the things no one ever would I know loneliness like no one ever should Though I tried, I know you never understood I spent my life reserved and guarded You got me open, got my love started Handed you my love, which you discarded... Continue Reading →


This is another Cubby prompt. The prompt, the first two lines, led me to a mythical storyline. I followed. Titans You laughed the stars Into the sky You craft the scars I hide inside You hung the moon To hide the dark You are the womb From which life sparked I made the seas I... Continue Reading →


You've been gone a long time I don't know how many years You're never far from my mind I hear your voice in my ears Gone but never forgotten You're etched in my DNA I still think of you often That will never go away Things come up I want to tell you And some... Continue Reading →

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