Random Thoughts & Bizarre Rants

Comma Coma

I’ve decided that comma usage is like fingerprints. No two person’s are the same. If there ever was a standard, it died long ago. It’s ghost haunts and tortures us.

Rewriting Puberty

Yesterday, I finished my latest rereading/rewriting of The L Squad. I’ve long since lost count of how many times I’ve read through it. It’s been awhile since my last full reading. I can’t believe how many changes I made. I expected to find a lot of typos. In the end, following Ragnarök, Armageddon, the apocalypse, Revelation, whatever you want to call it, there will be cockroaches and typos. After all the times I’ve considered it done, I didn’t expect to make so many changes, big, small, additions, subtractions, rewordings, breaking up paragraphs and chapters, etc…

Stephen Hawking

Last night, my friend told me Stephen Hawking died tomorrow. Of course, living on the West Coast of the United States we were the last ones to make it to today. …

Humans Are Weird: Underwear

All right humanity. I need to call you out on another of your bizarre idiosyncrasies. Why in the universe do you call it a pair of underwear or a pair of pants? They’re one thing. A pair is two things. A pair of socks is completely acceptable until one of them escapes during the cleaning process never to be seen or heard from again. Except for the rare that occasion you receive a random postcard telling you your sock has moved to Venezuela to make a better life. It’s now sitting on a beach enjoying the sun and not having feet shoved into it. You know, maybe if you cut your toenails or washed your feet or got new shoes a little more often your socks wouldn’t run away like that. I don’t know how you keep your underpants. …

Humans Are Weird: Alarming Revelations

Dear Humanity, … (Yeah, there’s more.)

OctPoWriMo Day 7, Dear Writer

Since I have nothing lately, I’m going to steal Sascha’s inspirational post in hopes that it will inspire me. Shhh… …

Christmas Is Coming…

And so is Norman’s Christmas special. I shouldn’t hype it too much. It probably won’t live up to the hype. It’s just the greatest Norman Normalson Christmas special the universe has ever known. It’s also the only Norman Normalson Christmas special the universe has ever known. …

The War On Hanukkah

It’s the seventh day of Hanukkah. As I’m rewriting and preparing Norman Normalson’s Christmas special, I’ve been posting some Christmassy videos. Often, the two month Christmas celebration overshadows Chanukah. Christmas is more nationally recognized and celebrated. People get offended when they learn other people don’t celebrate Christmas. These people seem to believe that anyone who does not celebrate Christmas has declared war on Christmas. Yes, that is absurd and bizarre and a huge overreaction. …

The Most Offensive Song Ever

In continuing with my ridiculous build up in preparation for Norman Normalson in A Nearly Norman Christmas, I’m posting another Christmas song. This one is apparently offensive, possibly the most offensive song ever. No, not the one from South Park. This blog is supposed to be family-friendly. …

A Nearly Ready Christmas

So, I said A Nearly Norman Christmas would be posted today. It won’t. I’m a hopeless constant tinkerer, and I’m never satisfied. I’ve been working on it today. The more I read through it the more it changes, which tells me it’s not ready. I’m hoping tomorrow. The wait will be worth it. I hope. Until then read up on Norman. The Christmas special will make more sense with that background information. …

Humans Are Weird: New Years

Every 365¼ days the Earth completes a rotation around its solar system’s sun. Apparently, this is cause for celebration. The act of starting a new cycle around the sun sets off worldwide celebrations. Though, not all at the same time. Some festivities are separated by hours, some by months. …

Humans Are Weird: Time Edition

While working on my latest rewrite of Norman Normalson & The Normals, I was reminded of another bizarre practice of humanity. It is predominately a dominate practice in English-speaking countries. English is spoken in a lot of places. …

The Poetry Bar: Re:Write Or Die;

My terza rima poem, Write Or Die;, is featured today in The Poetry Bar, where it already has more likes than it got here. Thanks to Luna, The Poetry Barista, for featuring it.

Snow Dogs: A Tale Of Ears

First, introductions:

Prince Troy And Abed In The Morning Delight (A.K.A. Troy, Troia, Screech, Kreacher, Baby Boy, etc…, Victoria Rose Delight (A.K.A. Tori, Bat Girl, Bat, & Victorious), & Charlie Chai Delight (A.K.A. Mommy, Muppet, Charlie, The Muppet-Face Villain, Chuck, & Charles)

Humans Are Weird or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb

I recently finished my latest rewrite of Norman Normalson & The Normals. It’s constantly evolving and improving like American politics. Oh wait! I mean the opposite of American politics. Buried in its pages, I found this little gem of a rant, slightly adapted for posting here. Warning: This post contains absolutely no spoilers. The context is completely unimportant. This is just a random tangent. Yes, I do wander off into random tangent rants while writing for children. I do so in hopes that they well break the cycle of human oddities and begin a new cycle of logical, rational thought or at least laugh. …

One Year Ago Today…

Tuesday February 6, 2018 at 10:37 a.m. PST this blog sprang to lifeless life. It started as a way to garner interest in The L Squad and Norman Normalson & The Normals but grew to include Vignettes, Random Thoughts & Bizarre Rants, and Poetry. It all started with this post. Well, after the generic “The Journey Begins” post. I had nothing to do with that one. A year later I’m up to 54 followers, a total I hope to double this week. All right, maybe next week. Thank you to all who follow, like, comment, and most importantly read the piffle I post. Here’s to the next week or so. I’m not committing to another year. Are you crazy?

Remember Pun

The one you bit your whole shit from. He was the super lyrical. He could do it all. Hardcore.. Commercial… What you wanna do? You wanna wile up, you wanna dance? It didn’t matter to Pun, he had it all locked down, baby. Even if he stuttered, he would still sh-sh-shit on you. If only more rappers would turn to Big Pun for inspiration, there’d be more lyrical dexterity in the game and less incoherent mumble nonsense. Who was even on his level, lyrically? Big L? Kweli? Mos Def? Rakim? Ras Kass? Raekwon? Pharoahe Monch? Nas? Eminem? The Notorious B.I.G.? Canibus? Tech N9ne? Ice Cube? Logic? Royce Da 5’9″? Joell Ortiz? Chino XL? 2Pac was the greatest but wasn’t lyrical like that. He was more of a political, soulful cat. Kendrick’s in the 2Pac vein. So are J. Cole & Ab-Soul. It’s all personal preference. The debate rages on in endless top ten list, top five, dead or alive. At the very least, Pun deserves to be part of the conversation. …

Humans Are Weird: Humanity Finally Got Something Right

Anyone with any bit of sense knows under is only acceptable in Australia. Now, if only we could agree that it’s tissue not paper. Take a piece of paper in one hand, notepaper, binder paper, newspaper… Take a piece of tissue in the other, Kleenex, wrapping tissue… Which feels more like those white rolls you buy in bulk from Sam’s Club or Costco? Which would you rather have caressing your tender areas? That’s what I thought. Better yet, bidet? …

Dear WordPress Community,

To all my blog friends, followers, readers, commenters, likers, I have been very busy lately with life, death, family, traveling, and various other distractions. I hope no one ever sees the pile of dishes currently in my kitchen or overflowing laundry. I don’t want to see them. There’s no sign of anything slowing down any time soon. The pulls on my time are going to get worse before they get better. It’s been all I can do to get up the posts I need to post. All my A To Z Challenge stuff has been prepared in advance, so far. I knew this was coming but not to the extent that it’s going to be drawn out. As a result, I’ve been slow to respond to comments or read and comment on other people’s works. My apologies. I’d like to say I’ll get to them eventually, but I won’t get to it all. Posting and responding to comments are my blogging priority right now. I will interact a lot more when things calm down. Thank you for understanding and reading and commenting and liking.


I posted the other day about all the real-life stuff that was keeping me from all my blogging and blogging interactions. I totally forgot about the dogs who were coming to visit. My best friend/roommate is a dog breeder. She has multiple dog breeding friends. One lives close, and there’s a lot of interaction. She even wants me to show one of her dogs. She’s out of town this weekend, so this is happening. …

Versatile Blogger Award

Marysa Writes nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award. This looks much more like a chain letter than an award, but I like Marysa and respect her artistry, and I appreciate the thought, so I’ll play along. At least, there’s no threat that a homeless person will break into my house, eat my dog and pee on the floor if I don’t pass it on. …

Bidet? No Way! … Oh, Wait.

I’m working on editing my novel, So It Goes. Today, I was working on editing and came across a tangent in the book. I’m good at tangents, which may not be good. Given our current toilet tissue crisis, it seems more relevant now than it did when I wrote it. I thought it was a good time to share it. Remember, I wrote this a year or two ago. …

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