Friday Fictioneers: Shadow

Friday Fictioneers is hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields who provides us with a photo prompt. Each week’s challenge is to write a 100-word story inspired by the photo.

PHOTO PROMPT © Na’ama Yehuda

Well, summer is officially over. I don’t like the term ‘fall.’ Autumn is better, but I think it should go from summer to bummer then on to winter. Though yesterday was 80 and today promises 83. The weekend is supposed to look like the above picture. Yuck. I’m eager to get some writing done then out to enjoy the fleeting sun. I don’t want to think about rain, but I’ll try.

This is similar to two other posts I’ve written recently, His Knees (for Carrot Ranch) and the other The Boy In The Bubble (for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge). They’re based in the world of a book I’m trying to write called A Pillar Of Salt. It’s rough and depressing. I’m not happy enough to sit and write it. That seems like an oxymoron, but I need a happy place to which I can escape when the writing gets too dark before I fully submerge myself. I’m still keeping it in my mind in hopes that when I finish the rewrite of the book I’m working on I can write this one. As anyone who’s ever written a book knows, it has to be an obsession. Maybe I’ll have to write another L Squad or Norman Normalson & The Normals to balance out the darkness with some fun sci-fi adventures.


“Into each life, some rain must fall.”

“Each death, too?”

“Would it be better if it were sunny?”

“No, but it seems to add insult to injury.”

The day was a blur. There was a service. Whatever Sae’s parents wanted. It was for them, not me. Any glimmer of faith I may have had was extinguished when that madman pulled the trigger. He pulled it over and over, but only two bullets mattered to me.

My life is a blur, a shadow. No bullets struck me, but my life ended with theirs. Only, I’m still alive to endure their loss.

#TellTaleThursday: Still, I Remained

This was written for #TellTaleThursday with Anshu & Priya. I’m actually early this week. Yay! The prompt has to do with death, so it was an easy one, way easier than last week’s cavalcade of colors. The prompt this week is “You spend a night in the cemetery.”

Still, I Remained

After the funeral, all in attendance slowly exited the cemetery. They piled into their cars and left in a much looser procession than they had arrived. Everyone else went home, back to their warm, cozy homes. Some spent time with their families and continued to mourn. Others went back to their everyday lives, grieving complete, gaining closure once dirt covered the casket.

Still, I remained.

It didn’t matter that it was getting dark or that it was raining. I couldn’t leave.

Other mourners came and went visiting various graves. Flowers were placed. Tears were shed. Words were spoken to tombstones that couldn’t reply. Questions were asked that could never be answered. None stayed long as the raindrops grew larger and fell harder.

Still, I remained.

It didn’t matter that the temperature was dropping. I couldn’t leave.

The sun set, never peeking out from behind the clouds. The rain slowed and eventually stopped. The clouds parted. The sun crept up painting the clouds purple, pink, then orange before revealing itself in the eastern sky.

Still, I remained.

It didn’t matter that a new day had begun. I couldn’t leave.

It was mid-morning, with the sunlight streaming through the trees. The caretakers were arriving for another day of work. New mourners were coming and going. Fresh flowers were left. More words were spoken, and questions asked that couldn’t be answered.

Still, I remained.

It didn’t matter that my family was home mourning for me. I couldn’t leave.

Still, I remain.


You’ve been gone a long time
I don’t know how many years
You’re never far from my mind
I hear your voice in my ears

Gone but never forgotten
You’re etched in my DNA
I still think of you often
That will never go away

Things come up I want to tell you
And some I want to talk to you about
But your future fell through
So those words will never come out

Once, it seemed beyond belief
That you wouldn’t be in my life
That your death would be a relief
That you’ll never meet my kids or wife

You were gone far too soon
But that’s what cancer does
Tears us down, brings us doom
And it affects all of us

The Breath Of Death (Villanelle)

I’ve been busy lately doing non-blog stuff. I know, how dare I? Cubby reupped this challenge over a week ago. I tried a few times and came up with some starts that didn’t go anywhere. Then, I’d get distracted with something else. Of course, as soon as I had a dark, depressing start, it rolled pretty easily. It doesn’t flow as well as I would like, and the rhymes are far from perfect, but here it is.

The Breath Of Death

I futilely gasp for every breath
Each more precious than the last
I refuse to acquiesce to death

I struggle to inhale but I’m bereft
I achieve nothing with each gasp
I futilely gasp for every breath

I wish I could start again, refresh
My whole life can’t be in the past
I refuse to acquiesce to death

I give myself a feeble heft
Still my throat is unsurpassed
I futilely gasp for every breath

Who will say that they wept?
Who will fly their flag half-mast?
I refuse to acquiesce to death

Why do I fight? I lived depressed
I can’t accept my life has passed
I futilely gasp for every breath
I refuse to acquiesce to death

Terza Rima: Home (Alternate Version)

Inspired by Cubby’s terza rima challenge, I said I would work on one that was fitting for the Nobbinmaug universe. While I was writing a terza rima for Norman Normalson, I thought of this. This one worked out much more quickly, so here it is. Yay!

Norman’s is coming soon. Update: It’s here.

Home (Alternate Version)

Home’s so far away, there’s nowhere to go
I ask for a dollar, you tell me, “No!”
I am all alone with no one to call
I have nothing left ’cause I’ve lost it all
Alone on the streets, time passes so slow

Up above, the bombs’ burst gives off a glow
As bullets fly by, I keep my head low
I wonder which of them carries Death’s call
Home’s so far away

Your heart’s the only home I want to know
I thought I could side-step Cupid’s arrow
I was so damn sure that I wouldn’t fall
That I walked away, imagine the gall
Now, I’m all alone, and I need you so
Home’s so far away

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