Neighborhood Serenity

The sun shines though the chill in the air Not a sound to be heard anywhere   Not a cloud in the blue sky so bright Anticipating the stars of night What could ruin such a lovely day Shatter the peace and chase it away Take this neighborhood serenity Bark, bark, bark, bark, bark, bark,... Continue Reading →

L Squad Vignettes: Episode Three: Serialized Cereal

"What is cereal?” asked Hitch. “It’s a breakfast food for kids or adults who are too lazy to cook for themselves,” said Abby. “It claims to be rich in vitamins and minerals but typically contains far too much sugar and should be classified as a dessert.” “The place with all the sand?” asked Hitch. “No,... Continue Reading →

L Squad Profile: Abby

Abby looks like Easter and smells like cotton candy. She’s small, pink, and yellow. There’s a white blaze down the middle of her face with two short swirly antennae on the top of her head. She’s fluffy and even has a white puffy cotton ball tail. To dwell on her physical attributes is to do... Continue Reading →

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