R.A.D.: A Brief Profile Of The Refugee Alien Defenders

R.A.D.: Refugee Alien Defenders  The Refugee Alien Defenders, or R.A.D., had a rough start to their life on Earth. It actually started out beyond Earth’s atmosphere, when a ship pursuing them across the universe caught up with them. After bouncing around the universe for months, dipping in and out of wormholes, their stolen ship found... Continue Reading →

A Brief Synopsis Of The L Squad

The L Squad has always been the bottom rung of the North American Division of the Refugee Alien Defenders (N.A.D.R.A.D.). Their blunders have become legendary fodder for the rest of the Refugee Alien Defenders (R.A.D.). While all skilled and competent in their own right, they've been unable to form a cohesive unit. Hitch, the captain... Continue Reading →

The L Squad Logline

For those unfamiliar, a logline is a single sentence synopsis a story. It's usually used in pitching a movie idea. This is mine for The L Squad: A group of misfit refugee aliens must learn to work together to save their new home planet from the very menace they were fleeing when they crash-landed on... Continue Reading →

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