Norman Normalson & The Normals Synopsis

Norman Normalson is a normal nine-year-old boy. He hates to brush his teeth. He hates to take a bath. He hates school, especially math. He's irritated by his younger half-brother who gets all the girls, can drive and has a mustache… at nine… months-old. Norman Normalson is a normal nine-year-old boy, except for the fact... Continue Reading →

Norman Normalson & The Normals Logline

This blog has been primarily focused on The L Squad. There's a good reason for that. The L Squad is the first book I completed and is the most polished. The L Squad is also the book I've been shopping to agents. Agents haven't been overly enthusiastic as of yet. I can only assume, it's... Continue Reading →

L Squad Vignettes: Episode Two: The Storm

“Your mission is to keep the roads clear and people safe during this storm,” said Captain Grek. “Do you remember what roads are?” “Yes, sir,” said Hitch. “Good. Get out there and perform like a squad,” said Captain Grek. As soon as they were out of Grekquarters, Hitch leaned confidentially over to Abby and whispered,... Continue Reading →

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