Flash Fiction: Replay

This was written for Carrot Ranch's Flash Fiction Challenge. Each week's challenge is to write to a prompt in exactly 99 words. This week's prompt is to write about an interlude. I came up with this. Replay In the two hours since she stormed out, I've done nothing. I've hardly moved as the fight replayed... Continue Reading →

Your Love Is Weird

Inspired by Todd. Your Love Is Weird I don’t know where we go from here It’s time to separate my dear This might not be what you want to hear But you’re love, you’re love is weird I apologize. I’m sorry. There’s one thing I guarantee The things you like aren’t for me I’m really... Continue Reading →

Friday Fictioneers: White Rose

This was written for Friday Fictioneers. Friday Fictioneers is a challenge hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields to write a 100-word story inspired by the below photo prompt. Rochelle's is beautiful, poignant, and educational. It makes mine look shallow and mediocre. There's a reason I went with white that has nothing to do with Rochelle's story. It's... Continue Reading →


This is another Cubby prompt. This was a hard one. I stared at the prompt and had nothing for days. I tried to write about heroes from a lot of different angles. I tried the standard Joseph Campbell ideal of a hero. I tried to go the direction of The L Squad. I tried to... Continue Reading →

Poetry Prompt: Rebirth

I am very late on this. My mom has always teased me about being "fashionably late." There's a difference between showing up fashionably late and being too late to even help clean up. This would be that latter. I'm posting it anyway. This is oddly optimistic for me. I'm much more optimistic than my writing.... Continue Reading →

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