Chivalry Resurrected: Homophone Inaction

Here's my attempt at immersing myself in the true spirit of Cubby's Homophone challenge/prompt. I didn't get nearly as whimsical as I hoped. I had the title first, in reference to Chivalry Is Dead: A Homophonous Adventure. I got pulled into the theme and shirked the whimsy. I squeezed in a couple jokes. I did... Continue Reading →

Chivalry Is Dead: A Homophonous Adventure

Cubby, my most challenging friend, has issued another challenge/prompt. This is my first hybrid. This one was to write a poem using homophones, words that sound the same, but have different meaning like red and read or read and reed. The results are supposed to be silly and nonsensical. I decided to add an extra... Continue Reading →

The Breath Of Death (Villanelle)

I've been busy lately doing non-blog stuff. I know, how dare I? Cubby reupped this challenge over a week ago. I tried a few times and came up with some starts that didn't go anywhere. Then, I'd get distracted with something else. Of course, as soon as I had a dark, depressing start, it rolled... Continue Reading →

Nudist Colony (Triolet)

Inspired by Cubby. While I was writing my real triolet, Cubby was teaching me about nudists. We discussed such questions as where a nudist might keep a phone or money. I asked why a nudist would need money. Where does a nudist shop? Cubs suggested they have colonies with amenities such as stores and restaurants,... Continue Reading →

Zanze II: Debra

So, the second Zanze was far easier to write than the first. The first one took me two days. The second took me five minutes. It literally did not take more than ten minutes. What in the world, man? The worst part is the second one is way better than the first. I guess it's... Continue Reading →

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