Humans Are Weird: Alarming Revelations

Dear Humanity, Why is it when your alarm comes on in the morning you say it’s going off? It’s clearly coming on. If it were off, you would not be awakened. From now on, you are to say your alarm is coming on. Please, make the adjustment. Your friend and logic coach, Nobbinmaug

Humans Are Weird: Underwear

All right humanity. I need to call you out on another of your bizarre idiosyncrasies. Why in the universe do you call it a pair of underwear or a pair of pants? They’re one thing. A pair is two things. A pair of socks is completely acceptable until one of them escapes during the cleaning... Continue Reading →

Comma Coma

I've decided that comma usage is like fingerprints. No two person's are the same. If there ever was a standard, it died long ago. It's ghost haunts and tortures us.

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