In case you've missed them, all my A To Z Challenge writings are gathered and streamlined for reading convenience. Rushing right along, here's K. I might not even have time for tomorrow's. L may be late and lame or completely left out. I have to go out of town for a ridiculously rushed, busy weekend.... Continue Reading →

A To Z Challenge: Distress Call

Today's A To Z Challenge is much better than yesterday's. I'm more functional today, and there's a lot of dialogue. My writing flows much better when I let the characters tell the story. If you've been following along, you've probably noticed my stories so far have been interlinked. This one is kind of a departure.... Continue Reading →

A To Z Challenge: Batimus

Continuing right along with the A To Z Challenge. Today's letter is B. B as in boy, boom, barbecue, bagel, barn, barf, bacon, broccoli, bunions... There are probably more words that start with B. In case you missed my dramatic A To Z Challenge Theme Reveal, I'm trying to focus on my sci-fi creations, The... Continue Reading →

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