L Squad Vignettes: Episode One: The Freeway Debacle

“I need you to keep the squad on task,” said Captain Grek. “I don't know, Captain,” said Abby. “That’s Hitch’s job. I do the science.” “Hitch is the captain of your squad,” said Captain Grek. “I have no doubt he'll be good at it someday. Right now, your whole squad is just raw talent. You're... Continue Reading →

The Captive (or The Cell) (A Sci-Fi Short Story) (Not For Kids)

The Captive or The Cell, I've never been able to decide on either of those overly-simplistic titles, is a departure from The L Squad. It's still about aliens and space travel, though it is not for children. Even though I'm trying to gear this blog toward children, as The L Squad and, my follow-up, Norman... Continue Reading →

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