Terza Rima: Home: Norman’s Odyssey

I said it would happen. Here it is, a terza rima from the point of view of Norman Normalson. I also wrote an alternate version, which is more mature and does not involve Norman or aliens or butts.

Again, thanks to Cubby and her terza rima challenge for the inspiration. I’ve had fun with the challenges. I’m going to try the rondeau, again. It might be Norman, again. It might be The L Squad. It might be something else. I’ll see where the muse takes me.

Home: Norman’s Odyssey

Home’s so far away, this little journey
Somehow became an endless odyssey
All the other kids feel like they must laugh
‘Cause I’m 9, and I don’t have a mustache
I was normal. Now, I’m an oddity

I wish my mom were here to coddle me
I don’t fit in mentally or bodily
Someday, I’ll go home, if I can just last
Home’s so far away

No tail, so kids are always mocking me
That’s the only time they will talk to me
They eat the cheese of the gwatuchorazz
That’s cheese that comes from an animal’s butt
I need to escape to Earth flawlessly
Home’s so far away

Terza Rima: Home (Alternate Version)

Inspired by Cubby’s terza rima challenge, I said I would work on one that was fitting for the Nobbinmaug universe. While I was writing a terza rima for Norman Normalson, I thought of this. This one worked out much more quickly, so here it is. Yay!

Norman’s is coming soon. Update: It’s here.

Home (Alternate Version)

Home’s so far away, there’s nowhere to go
I ask for a dollar, you tell me, “No!”
I am all alone with no one to call
I have nothing left ’cause I’ve lost it all
Alone on the streets, time passes so slow

Up above, the bombs’ burst gives off a glow
As bullets fly by, I keep my head low
I wonder which of them carries Death’s call
Home’s so far away

Your heart’s the only home I want to know
I thought I could side-step Cupid’s arrow
I was so damn sure that I wouldn’t fall
That I walked away, imagine the gall
Now, I’m all alone, and I need you so
Home’s so far away

Terza Rima Challenge: Write Or Die;

I am not one to hide from a challenge unless it’s challenging. This is another one from Cubby, whose post from yesterday is fun and whimsical and definitely worth a read. That post is also where she reupped her challenge.

Mine is not fun or whimsical. It should be whimsical. I write about aliens. I learned poetry from Hip-Hop. Maybe I’ll try again later. What else am I going to do? Rewrite Norman Normalson & The Normals again? Oh yeah. That’s what I’m supposed to be doing, editing, finding an agent, getting published… Dang it!

For those who are unaware, a terza rima is rhyming pattern featuring interlocking three lines rhyme. The literal translation from the Italian is ‘third rhyme.’ Yes, I looked it up because I am a nerd. It was first used by Dante Alighieri in his Comedìa, which later, more than 200 years after he died, became known as Divina Commedia or Divine Comedy. Yes, I have read it, and, honestly, I don’t think it’s as divine as people seem to think. I took it as being more satirical and political, but that may just be the pessimist in me. Maybe it just helped me enjoy it more. Here’s my attempt at achieving divinity:

Write Or Die;

I write or die; all I have are my words
I search my mind for lines selectively
I present to you my unspoken heard

Lay out words organized impeccably
There are days I can hardly lift my head
My soul relies on creativity

There are days I think I’m better off dead
I need you; only you make me feel right
I can’t tell you, so I write you instead

I need you; for your love, I’ll stand and fight
I know I’m a writer, not a fighter
I need you; for your love, I’ll sit and write

The world is dark; words can make it brighter
Write till I die; then be a ghostwriter;

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